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DASH INSPECTORATE PVT LTD ” is formed by eminent professionals possessing ASNT NDT LEVE L-III Certification in NDT Methods, certified Senior Welding Inspector CSWIP3.2.AWS-CWI with Specialization in effective training techniques, performance optimization, and Career Counseling.

“Our Training Center is equipped with adequate infrastructure to provide both theoretical and Hands on training in NDT methods and QA/QC Activities involved in the organization. “We also provide NDT and QA / QC activity training to organization sponsored employees at their campus facility as per their organizational training needs.

“DASH INSPECTORATE PVT LTD believes in “B2B Concept “ and ensures that the training methodology and delivery evolves from foundation of BASIC. More emphasis is given on BASIC theory. Practical applications and exclusive Hands on Training Sessions.

DASH INSPECTORATE PVT LTD is committed to provide quality & certification for aspiring individuals and organization sponsored employees in various NDT methods and welding Inspection techniques.

We provide consultancy in developing. Welding Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) Establishing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS)Performing Welding Qualification Test (WQT)

We provide NDT Level III consultancy in setting up NDT procedures and developing NDT awareness for employees in the organization which through reduction in rework and repair works.

Training &Certification Level Initial Qualification Duration
NDT Awareness N/A Diploma/ Graduate/ Post Graduate/ HSC / SSC/ One Week
Radiographic Testing (RT) I/II One Week
Ultrasonic Testing (UT) I/II One Week
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) I/II Three Days
Dye Penetrant Testing (PT) I/II Two Days
Radiographic Film Interpretation I/II One Week
Ultrasonic Testing (TKY) I/II One Week
Certified Welding Inspector Training program N/A One We

Training Program

Initial Qualification


Welding inspection Technology

Post Graduate/


Performing Welding procedure Qualification (PQR)

Performing Welder Qualification Test (WQT)

Preparing Welder Procedure Specification (WPS)

Non-destructive & Destructive Testing involved in the Welding

Interpretation of code &

Interpretation of Code & Specification like ASME Sec ll.V.Vlll.Xl.B31.3AWS D1.1.API 1104etc…

Practical Demonstration of all the above activities

ACCOMODATION: DASH INSPECTORATE PVT LTD has negotiated long term Rates for students visiting Institute.

We provide trained skilled NDT-Technicians /Inspector /Supervisor / Engineers and can fine tune to suit the specific job requirement for the following organization / industry Casting & Forging Industry
– Manufacturing Equipments (Pressure Vessel /valves Etc)
– Construction Industry (Welding & Fabrication)
– Oil & Gas industry
– Petroleum & Refinery Industry
– Aircraft Industry
– Shipping industry
– Automobile Industry etc..

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