API 1169

How hard is the API 1169 exam?
The statistics released by the American Petroleum Institute indicate the API 1169 exam is not easy for many people to pass. In 2015, the average pass rate for the exam was reported to be a very low 48.6%
How do I get API 1169 certified?
Are you qualified to take the API 1169 exam? API 1169 Pipeline Construction Inspector Certification requirements are based on work experience acquired within the last 20 years. Education and other certifications may also be needed. Applicants can qualify in one or more of these categories.
What is the API 1169 passing score?
The two most recent API 1169 testing windows had a 98% and 96% passing rate respectively. This rate beats the industry average of 80% by almost 20 points. A quick search of the internet for “API 1169” will yield results from other companies working with Velocity Training and the API 1169 exam preparation program.