API 653

  • This training course is designed to give a detailed discussion on the required engineering knowledge for in-service storage tanks with emphasis on syllabus published by API (Body of Knowledge) for the said examination.
  • It includes all the code sections referred by API 653 committed to the extent required from examination point of view.
  • This preparatory course will clarify basic intentions of all code prescribed for study, how to interpret code rulings and at the end, built-up the confidence among the participants for taking decisions.
  • The course is divided into six main areas: basic storage tank design engineering i.e. API 650, in-service inspection techniques (API 653/ RP 575/ RP 577), in-service degradation mechanisms (API 571), cathodic protection (API RP 651) and lining of tank bottom (API RP 652), calculations of retirement thickness and other skills required for delivery of quality job & safe operation.
  • The participants will receive comprehensive course notes, illustrated with practical examples, mock-examinations, main punch-points of the course and extensive question banks to give the participants the confidence for getting certified successfully

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