Delivering World-Class API Q1 & API Q2 Consultancy Services In UAE

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is an organization that promotes oil and petroleum in the USA as well as worldwide. They have published two Quality Management System Specifications as well as maintain more than 600 product specifications.

The objective of these specifications is to outline the minimum requirements for the establishment of the Quality Management System that provides for continual improvement, emphasizes defect prevention, and strives to minimize variation and waste from manufacturing and service organizations. It is designed to promote reliability in the manufacturing and service sector of the petroleum and natural gas industry.

API Quality Management System & Monogram Consultancy

AVN Professional Quality services are designed to help you in establishment a robust Quality Management System that can meet the stringent requirements of:

API Specification Q1 – Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

API Specification Q2 – Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Compared to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, API Q1/Q2 offers no compromise. Every requirement is clearly laid out to ensure that your Quality Management System is the best in class. If you are considering adopting API Q1/Q2, you are demonstrating a desire to supply the oil and gas industry with the highest quality manufactured products / services as well as having a management team who believes that quality processes add value and ensure long-term success.

API Q1 licensing is the basis for obtaining an API Monogram License for marking of various products used in the oil and gas industry. In addition, AVN Professional Quality holds the expertise required to assist Customers in API Monogram License which includes API Spec. 5CT, Spec. 6A, Spec. 16A, Spec. 16C etc.

Quality Management System provides:

  • Illustrate and explain the concepts of the API Q1/Q2 Quality Management System as applicable and ensuring that it is suited to the organization.
  • Involve any relevant personnel in identifying and defining the processes in the API Q1 /Q2 Quality Management System.
  • Assist in training to enable the entire organization to be able to maintain the API Q1/Q2 Quality Management System.
  • Assist the organization in identifying opportunities for improvement, eliminating waste, and reducing costs.
  • Performs the functions of a Quality Manager.

API Training

AVN Professional Quality provides training on API Q1 / Q2 and various API Codes. This includes, but is not limited to:

API Q1 – 9th Edition:

API Spec Q1 9th Ed., Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Manufacturing Organizations

  • API Q1 – Fundamentals of Auditing
  • API Q1 – Internal Auditors Training
  • API Q1 – Lead Auditors Training

API Q2 – 1st Edition :

API Spec Q2 1st Ed., Specification for Quality Management System Requirements for Service Supply Organizations

  • API Q2 – Fundamentals of Auditing
  • API Q2 – Internal Auditors Training
  • API Q2 – Lead Auditors Training

Product API courses:

  • API6A – Specification for Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment
  • API6D – Specification for Pipeline Valves
  • API510 – Pressure Vessel Inspection Code
  • API570 – Piping Inspector
  • API620 – Design and Construction of Large, Welded, Low-Pressure Storage Tanks
  • API650 – Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage
  • API653 – Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction
  • API Spec 4F
  • API Spec 5B, API Spec 5CT, API Spec 5DP, API Spec 5L, API Spec 5LC, API Spec 5LCP, API Spec 5LD
  • API Spec 6A, API Spec 6D, API Spec 6DSS, API Spec 6H
  • API Spec 7-1, API Spec 7-2, API Spec 7F, API Spec 7K
  • API Spec 8A, API Spec 8C
  • API Spec 9A
  • API Spec 10A, API Spec 10D
  • API Spec 11AX, API Spec 11B, API Spec 11D1
  • API Spec 12B, API Spec 12D, API Spec 12F, API Spec 12J, API Spec 12K, API Spec 12L, API Spec 12P
  • API Spec 13A, API Spec 14A, API Spec 14L
  • API Spec 15HR, API Spec 15LR, API Spec 15LE
  • API Spec 16A, API Spec 16C, API Spec 16D
  • API Spec 17D
  • API Spec 19G1, API Spec 19G2
  • API Spec 20A, API Spec 20C
  • API STD 599, API STD 600, API STD 602, API STD 603, API STD 608, API STD 609
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