Edition 2010 of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel (BPV) Code is released !

We all know that the new edition is released every three years, and the addenda is

published for the next two years. The Code, and the addenda, is published on 1st of July,

and the applicability is from 1st of January the next year. This means the current 2010

edition published now shall be applicable from 1st January 2011.

Many of us use the Code extensively. We design, manufacture, inspect, test, and evaluate

as per the Code. We interpret the Code or get it interpreted so as to be totally compliant to

the code and our customer requirements.

Interpreting the code or getting to know the changes in the code requires a lot of effort.

This could be a specialized job and may require a long time. But we definitely do not have

that time with us! We are supposed to get to know the changes, understand the implications

and do our best in implementing the changes, all in a short while.

After all, the job and in turn the customer is at stake!

We understand these issues as we are constantly in touch with the market, the customers

and also the Code.Keeping all the issues in mind, we have organized a one-day seminar on

‘BPVC Code, Edition 2010 – Review and Changes’. This will mainly cover

ASME Section VIII Div.1, ASME Section IX, ASME Section V and ASME Section I

The details of the seminar are attached.

The seminar shall be of use to Designers, Shop personnel, QC personnel, NDE personnel,

Purchasers, Consultants, Third Party Inspectors and any person using the Code.

The intention is to take an overall review of the Code, with specific emphasis on changes in 2010.

Needless to say, it will be more interactive with queries from participants.

We are very sure this will be of great importance to you and your organization,

and are looking forward to meeting you at the seminar.

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