Audit & Commissoning Services

Due largely to the excellent knowledge and experience of our personnel, together with a high level of reporting, DASH has developed into probably the most frequently re-selected audit and commissioning companies available today. The repeat business from our clients being testament itself to the outstanding service that DASH offers.

Audits are based on either one of a range of advanced, fully adaptable, off-the-shelf work-scopes, specific to each rig type and configuration, or a pre-agreed client work-scope.

At the core of DASH audit and commissioning reports is the DASH Observation and Recommendations (DOBREC). An active punch list of all findings that provides detailed recommendations for rectification/closeout, as well as noting the referenced standards/procedures and providing photographic support.

DOBREC is categorized using a criticality scale of Critical, Major, Minor and Observation to correlate the level of risk to personnel and the rigs productivity. Agreed timelines can also be allocated to criticalities for expediting close out. Reports are compiled using easily understood terminology and practical recommendations for rectification.