We appreciate your interest in AWS-CWI… Thats why you are here..!!! You know that certification can mean better pay, more job security, and the proof that your skills and knowledge label you as one of the industry’s elite.
and the ability to navigate complex codes quickly. And if you, like everyone else, have little time to study, then DIPL has the answer by way of conducting AWS-CWI training Seminar & Certification events.

DIPL offers six days of intensive training seminars that will help prepare you to pass the AWS certification tests. Our experienced instructors will help you learn the course material you need to know fast, and show you how to use and understand the latest codes and standards like API 1104.

DIPL training seminars oriented towards the AWS-CWI QC1:2007 certification requirements are an excellent value. The AWS CWI seminar fees includes complete preparation course work taught by veteran instructors from elite Industries and professional educational institutions, refreshments and lunch, One-year complimentary AWS membership (for non members), subscriptions to the Welding Journal, and reference books.

As DIPLprovides you most of the Study material, Model questions and a complete mentored guidance towards taking the examination, you will feel most comfortable taking the event with DIPL. Once you are AWS certified, you will receive a free subscription to Inspection Trends magazine, geared specifically to keep you informed of the latest developments in testing and materials inspection.

DIPL AWS-CWI training Seminar & Certification events are offered almost 3 PROGRAMMES IN EVERY MONTH in INDIA (Chennai,PONDICHER Y,VADODARA),THAILAND,SINGAPORE,UAE,NIGERIA. Additional certification events will be designed and announced based on the requirements of our corporate clients like Reliance group. Before taking up the seminar or certification we always recommend you to plan well in advance and book your registration. This will enable you to receive the complete set of study materials that you can use to prepare well for the event, and will enable us to reach you through our News letters to keep you updated on the latest AWS CWI News and events.

When you prepare for this AWS-CWI training Seminar & Certification keep in mind that AWS-CWI is one of the industry’s most trusted and recognized stamps of approval, and YOU are going to get recognized with it. And when you take the seminar with DIPL you will be given individual care and mentoring to bring up every participant to the stringent requirement levels set for AWS-CWI. By doing this, we do our bit of service to the industry by identifying and nurturing talents that is most required in the QA/QC industry.

So let us help you, get your ” Stamp of Approval”

DIPL provides a comprehensive course study guide & practice questions based on past appeared questions followed by daily examinations on each topics covered. All kinds of questions covering the open book & closed book requirements are covered that prepares our candidates to help pass the examination in very first attempt!

The course curriculum is designed to prepare you for the same exercises you will be expected to perform during the actual examination. After each session we conduct review examination followed by final mockup examination for our candidates to be able to get absolute idea about the API examination

API 510: Pressure Vessel Inspector certification seminar

Course Date/ Venue
3rd May 11th May 2012 8 Days
Course No DIPL-API 510 MAY 12 Vadodara
2nd Aug 10th Aug 2012 8 Days
Course No DIPL-API 510 AUG 12 Vadodara
16th Nov 24th Nov 2012 8 Days
Course No DIPL-API 510 NOV 12 Vadodara

API 510 Examination will be held in Vadodaraon 6th June 2012, Sept 26th 2012 & 5th Dec 2012

Course Duration
8 days (80 hours as per API recommendations)

Course Objectives
The course helps prepare our participants for API 510 Pressure vessel examination by gaining thorough understanding of ASME & API codes as required by the Body of Knowledge of API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification examination. We cover in depth API 510 requirements, ASME Section VIII Div I with detailed design & other computations, ASME Sec IX & 577 covering welding metallurgy & qualifications requirements, API RP 571, Damage Mechanisms with case studies in real life situations, API RP 572, covering site Inspection requirements of Pressure Vessels & API RP 576 covering Inspection requirements & maintenance of Pressure Relieving Devices . Our course study guide has been specially designed to get grasp of each of the above topics and is followed by numerous question answers to help gain the full insight of the topic from practical as well as examination standpoint…

Topics Covered are :
• Establishing Vessel inspection intervals and integrity using Thickness measurements establishing Corrosion rates
• Determining Weld Joint Categories ,Joint efficiencies for seamless heads and vessels Sections
• Static head/pressure measurement, Calculation of vessel MAWP, parts MAWP for any elevations.
• Head & Shell thickness calculations covering ellipsoidal, hemispherical & torispherical Heads.
• hydrostatic and pneumatic testing requirements & pressure calculations,
• Impact testing requirements and procedure & with exemption based on material & Minimum design metal Temperatures or other code exemptions.
• Weld size determination & adequacy calculations for attachment welds at openings
• Reinforcement calculations, calculating limits of reinforcement for nozzles. Design of reinforcement pad and establishing its requirement.
• Welding procedure and qualification evaluation based on ASME boiler section IX with review of Procedure Qualification Record and Welding Procedure Specification , essential And nonessential variables & mechanical tests required.
• NDE requirements as per ASME Section V for each of the required methods.
• All other requirements as per API 510, API 571, API 576, API 572, API 577, ASME Sec IX ,ASME Sec VIII Div I & ASME Sec V.

Publications Codes required
Effective editions of the publications required for applicable Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification Examination shall be as per the publications effectivity sheet

For more information, visit

Required Codes & Standards

API 653 Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Certification
Course Date/ Venue
5th Feb 9th Feb 2012 5 Days VadodaraIndia
6th Aug 11th Aug 2012 5 Days VadodaraIndia

API 653 Examination will be held in Vadodaraon March 23rd & Sept 21st 2012.

API 570 Piping Inspector
Course Date/ Venue
13th May 17th May 2012 5 Days
Course No DIPL-API570 MAY 12 Vadodara
11th Aug 16th Aug 2012 5 Days
Course No DIPL-API570 AUG 12 Vadodara
17th Nov 22th Nov 2012 5 days
Course No DIPL-API 570 NOV 12 Vadodara

API 570 Examination will be held in Vadodaraon 6st June 2012 , Sept 26st 2012 & 7th Dec 2012

AWS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Course
4th Jan
2012 9th Jan 2012
Course No DIPL-AWS CWI JAN 12 Vadodara( India )
25th March 2012 30st March 2012
Course No DIPL-AWS CWI MAR 12 Vadodara( India )
20th May
2012 26th May 2012
Course No DIPL-AWS CWI MAY 12 Vadodara( India )
23rd July
2012 29th July 2012
Course No DIPL-AWS CWI JULY 12 Vadodara( India )
24th Sept 2012 30th Sept 2012
Course No DIPL-AWS CWI SEP 12 Vadodara( India )
1st Nov
2012 6th Nov 2012
Course No DIPL-AWS CWI NOV 12 Vadodara( India )

API Member Non Member
$ 600.00 $ 800.00

June 6, 2012 (Application Deadline – API must receive no later than March 21, 2012)

September 26, 2012 (Application Deadline – API must receive no later than July 11, 2012)

Preparatory Seminar for ASNT NDT Level-III Examination
7-9th May 2012, VadodaraINDIA

Training Faculty : Mr. U G DAS

Course Venue : DIPL Training center,




Head Office:
3rd Floor IswarKrupa Building,
Nr Bank Of India, Saffron Circle, Fatehgunj, Vadodara-390002
Gujarat –India.

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Basic 4 – 7 April 2012
Ultrasonic Testing –UT-III 9 – 12 April 2012
Radiographic Testing –RT-III 13– 17 April 2012
Magnetic Particle Testing – MPT–III 18– 19 April 2012
Liquid Penetrant Testing –LPT–III 20– 21 April 2012
Visual Testing – VT III 23 –24 April 2012

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