About AWS-American Welding Society


AWS Certifications:

It Includes:

  • AWS -CAWI (Certified Associate Welding Inspector) Training Course
  • AWS-CWI (Certified Welding Inspector) Training Course
  • AWS-SCWI (Senior Certified Welding Inspector) Training Course
  • AWS-CWE (Certified Welding Engineer) Training Course
  • AWS-CWS (Certified Welding Supervisor) Training Course
AWS Committees:
  • WEMCO – Welding Equipment Manufacturers Committee
  • BSMC – Brazing and Soldering Manufacturers Committee
  • RWMA – Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance
  •  ITSA – International Thermal Spray Association

AWS CWI – Certified Welding Inspector certification course

The Certified Welding Inspector course is designed to equip an inspector with appropriate knowledge to conduct inspections and to identify welding defects and witness and validate welder qualification tests. Students obtain a useful qualification, which allows them to gain employment internationally.

We offer quality training for the test preparation. Experienced trainers, supportive environment are some of our specialities.

(We offer the mentioned exam preparatory training Program only. Certifications will be issued to applicants by mentioned certification body after meeting the passing score in examinations.)

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This course is designed by DASH  to  Prepare Welding Inspector for the American Welding Society (AWS) Examination, in order to certify Them As “AWS CERTIFIED WELDING INSPECTOR”..


    • This Course which jointly constitutes this Certified Welding Inspector Exam Preparation course:
    • API 1104 Preparation Course:
    • This Course Is designed as a preparation for the AWS CWI (QC- 1) Part C Code Book Exam. The Participant will learn how to use the code book to solve inspection problems.
    • Fundamental Welding Inspection Preparation Course:
    • This Course is designed as a preparation for the AWS CWI (QC- 1) Exam, Part A, and Fundamental welding Inspection Exam. The participant will learn how to take the exam and the basic fundamentals of welding inspection. Information for Inspector training is emphasized in this dual goal course.
    • Practical Welding Inspection Preparation Course:
    • This Course is designed as a preparation for the AWS CWI (QC-1) Exam, part B, practical welding inspection (hands-on) Exam. This Course is a must for the nine year renewal CWI. The participant will learn how to use the tools required for the exam, as well as the AWS Specification Book.
    • The participant will receive in-depth instruction pertaining to pass the AWS CWI (QC-1) Exam, as well as insight into the intricacies students may expect to encounter in the working environment. This course is offered as both in-house and an open enrollment class. Topics include:-
    • Additionally, quizzes are given at the end of each section; homework is handed at the end of each class day, and is reviewed at the beginning of the following day and a “practice” exam is administered at the end of the course.


The training methodology is interactive with group exercises and is suitable for all employees involved in functions management. The pace and level of the training workshop is customized to the understanding of the delegates. Ongoing back-up and support is available after the training on request to the supplier, and the training course is also available for in-house presentation as well as for “Competency Transfer”.


The Course is intended for inspection engineers who are seeking AWS CWI certification. Other engineers, managers or technical staffs who are dealing with Welding Inspection will also benefit.


Day 1:


  • General Provision
  • Qualifications of Welding Procedures
  • Qualifications of Welders
  • Design and Preparation of Production Welding
  • Inspection and Testing of Production Welds
  • Distribute Homework

Day 2:

  • Acceptance Standards For Non Destructive Testing
  • Repair and removal of defect
  • Procedure For Nondestructive Testing
  • Automatic Welding

Duties Of the Welding

  • Inspector
  • Definitions & Terminology

Distribute Homework

Day 3:

  • Heat Control And Metallurgy
  • Welding Processes
  • Welding Performance
  • Nondestructive And Destructive Test Methods
  • Weld Examination
  • Distribute Homework

Day 4:

  • Symbol, Welding, Brazing, And Nondestructive Testing
  • Conversion and Calculation
  • Overview Of An Effective Visual Inspection Program
  • Distribute Homework

Day 5:

  • Visual inspection tools
  • Specification book exercise
  • Practice exam
  • Presentation of certificates



The certification for the American Welding Society Welding Inspector has become increasingly important today. Companies involved in bridges, power plants, refineries, construction, ship building, pipelines and more are requiring certification for their inspectors and educators to fulfill employment qualifications. This two- week course is designed to prepare students to take the AWS CWI exam. Throughout the course, you will be using the same tool kits and weld replicas similar to the test kits for the hands-on portion of the AWS exam. Required AWS standard course materials are being provided meeting the AWS QC1, Standard for AWS Certification of Welding Inspectors. Immediately after seminar completion, DASH  as an INTERNATIONAL TRAINING PROVIDER , will organize CWI Examination for the student. However, it is the responsibility of the participant to file his/her application with complete attached documentations at least one month before the exam date. All applications are subjected for review and approval prior to sit for the exam by the Qualification and Certification Department of the American Welding Society.

Course content: 

• Welding Inspection and Certification
• Safety Practices for Welding Inspectors
• Metal Joining and Cutting Processes
• Weld Joint Geometry and Welding Symbols
• Documents Governing Welding Inspection and Qualification
• Metal Properties and DestructiveTesting
• Metric Practices for Welding Inspection
• Welding Metallurgy for the Welding Inspector
• Weld and Base Metal Discontinuities
• Visual Inspection and Other NDE Methods and Symbols