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Take a Step in advance for Future with Trained Inspectors

25 November, 2015 , By admin

Working on government pipelines, oil containers or any printing project, excellence is the first thing on one’s list. Any government bond or venture is always of high priority no matter it is being given to a small firm or a major organization. Make vulnerable it even at least can be rather bad for the future of your firm as well as the status of your work. By looking the increasing demands of such work in the industry, hiring well trained specialized inspectors is essential.   Thus for upcoming aspirants in this field, one can go with Aws, Cswip Welding Inspector […]

Take a Step Ahead In Future with Trained Inspectors

18 November, 2015 , By admin

Working on government pipelines, oil containers or any painting project, perfection is the first thing on one’s list. Any government contract or project is always of high priority no matter it is given to a small organisation or a major organisation. Jeopardising it even slightest can be rather bad for the future of your organisation as well as the reputation of your work. If you wish to make it work in the industry, hiring well trained professional inspectors is essential. You can either hire inspection service in Middle East or organise training sessions for your workers, giving them the opportunity […]

Job Opportunities for Welding and Painting Inspectors

3 November, 2015 , By admin

When you want to pursue a certain qualification, you are obviously interested in taking your life to a better level. It is the desire of every student to be in a position to acquire a qualification that is good enough to contribute to one’s life. This applies to all students irrespective of the study program they are pursuing. Most importantly, every student desires to be in a position to get a job following the end of one’s program of study. A good number of students are pursuing certain qualifications on the basis of how easy it would be for them […]

Three Reasons Why Professional Painting and Welding Inspectors Are Indispensable

27 October, 2015 , By admin

    Professional inspection has continued to be a part of the industrial world. This is because of the numerous advantages that are associated with it. If you are a contractor and you have been entrusted with the responsibility to handle an important government project, the last thing you can do is to mess it up. This can have a negative impact on the future of your company. You may end up jeopardising your future chances of winning government contracts. To avoid such a fate for your company, you can do well to look out for professional inspectors. Projects of […]


17 October, 2015 , By admin

Food safety Management System is an absolutely effective means of assuring food safety. Preventing problem from occurring is the permanent goal underlying any Food Safety Management System. Food Safety Management System can be consider as a management system that addresses food safety through the analysis and control of biological, chemical & physical hazard right from raw material production, procurement and handling to manufacturing, distribution and consumption of the finished product. The ISO 22000:2005 FSMS is designed to enable organizations to control food safety hazards along the food chain in order to ensure that food is safe at the time of […]

ISO Consultancy and Certification

17 October, 2015 , By admin

   ISO Consultancy and Certifications by DASH  ISO 9001  ISO 14001  ISO 18001  ISO 22000 HACCP  ISO 20000 ITSM  ISO 27001 ISMS  ISO 13485  ISO 17025  ISO 10001/10002  ISO 28001  ISO 22301  Six Sigma  GMP  ISO 50001 EnMS  ISO 25999 Business Continuity  ISO 29001 Petroleum  Certification  Training  Consultancy       We at DASH Inspectorate lead the world in advocating, defining and implementing best practice across every field of human endeavor, from business continuity to Quality and Safety and is capable of providing qualified professional consultants in the Middle East to introduce and help in implementing the highest standards of management systems.   […]

Invest On Right Training Courses For Your Employees

16 October, 2015 , By admin

Industries are changing on daily basis. They are becoming more and more concentrated on technology, hiring professionals with high experience. All this might be useful in growth but overall it enhances the cost of the production. How about saving your money by choosing right training courses for your employees?   Training courses are very essential for any organization. It not only keeps the employees updated with the changes going around in the industry but also reduces the exceeding cost of hiring. If you already have enough manpower or resources, using them with right measures is the proper way of running […]

Why NEBOSH with Dash?

21 September, 2015 , By admin

The global recession has driven every business organisation to strive more to be the best in their field. High performance, past achievements and good track records are now considered to be simply not enough; even the most established ventures have experienced insecurity and instability during the worst of the crisis. The goal is to be several steps ahead of your goals so that your business is future-proofed and geared towards sure success. One of the most critical key actions to future-proof your business is to secure a well-structured occupational health and safety management plan in your workplace and for your […]

A Right Platform for You to Acquire Training at Pipping Inspector Course

18 September, 2015 , By admin

Why does one need a certificate from a reputed agency or organization in the field of welding or piping? A certificate or a proper training makes a person eligible for ongoing projects. He is welcomed by companies and is preferred more compared to other amateur persons from the same field.   Welding processes and pipe works are complicated and cannot be handled by untrained individuals. When a project starts, it involves millions of dollars. Any simple mistake such as wrong welding has the capacity to ruin the entire project. That is why a piping Inspector Course in Middle East may […]

Special Evening batches & weekend batches for working professional’s!

2 September, 2015 , By admin

Its very busy for working professional to get time from there busy schedule to attend classes . Dash Inspectorate Inspection Services providing special weekend batches and evening batches to match working professionals requirements. The Schedule for NDT Training for weekend batches : Friday- Morning 9 AM to 7 PM Saturday-Morning 9 AM to 7 PM. Weekday evening batches: From Monday- Thursday  5 PM to 9 PM. For any query please mail at & Please feel free to contact us.