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Assess Potential Hazards

Determine Critical Control Points

Establish requirements for each CCP

Establish procedure to monitor each CCP

Establish corrective action if deviation

Establish record keeping procedures

Establish procedure to monitor effectiveness

The acronym HACCP stands for:

  • H – Hazard
  • A – Analysis
  • C – Critical
  • C – Control
  • P – Point

After completing this training, you should be able to:Identifying HACCP and the flow of food, Follow Good Personal Hygiene guideline, Prevent Foodborne Illness, Avoid Cross Contamination,How to Wash, Rinse and Sanitize Food Contact surfaces & equipment,How to Wash Dishes in 3&2 Compartment Sink

ISO 9001 is used successfully all over the world. In 2013 alone, over one million certificates to the standard were issued across 187 countries, and many other companies and organizations have used the standard without seeking certification.

Success with ISO 9001 can take many forms. For some enterprises, it is all about attracting new clients, while others see it as the blueprint for internal efficiency.

The new version of the standard brings the user a number of benefits.

ISO 9001:2015: Puts greater emphasis on leadership engagement.Helps address organizational risks and opportunities in a structured manner.Uses simplified language and a common structure and terms, particularly helpful to organizations using multiple management systems.Addresses supply chain management more effectively.Is more user-friendly for service and knowledge-based organizations

Conduct a hazard analysis,Determine the CCPs,Establish critical limit(s),Establish a monitoring system,Establish corrective actions,Establish verification procedures,Establish documentation.


Modified Crane–any time there is a modification done to a crane, the modification must be inspected by a qualified person.1926.1434 is the full detail on this with specific criteriaRepaired/Adjusted Cranes–any time a crane has had a repair to a component that relates to safe operation, it must be inspected by a qualified person prior to initial use.Shift inspection. OSHA no longer has a daily inspection; they now call it a shift inspection. It must done by a competent person. This inspection has minimum requirements.Monthly Inspection…….the monthly inspection is simply a documented inspection done by a competent person. The employer is responsible to maintain the last three monthly inspections and they must be made available to anyone doing an inspection on the crane.

Improve the compliance of product with reference to relevant standard/ specification/ regulation.Improve the confidence of customer on product.Helps in improving the quality of product.Enhance confidence on reliability of Product/services

There are various types of inspection done during the entire process of quality check at different stages. These inspections are:Pre-production inspection: This kind of inspection advices the buyer on the purchase of raw materials. Assurance of quality is must to win the confidence of customers.Production inspection: Often known as DUPRO is the important inspection conduct to know about the average quality of the product.Random inspection: Also known as pre-shipment inspection is randomly conducted on the completion of 100% shipment quantity including packing of 80% of quantity. It is the most effective and genuine quality check which in real examines the quality of product.Container loading inspection: This kind of QC is rarely conducted which can be profitable in some particular cases.Accurate and reliable Third Party Inspection is always beneficial for a successful business as it helps in not only sustaining the standard of quality but also in winning the faith of customers to a great extent.Third party inspection also comes handy when their lack of expertise in parent company to check the product relevant criteria’s.Sometimes due to government regulation it’s mandatory to carry out third party inspection of particular products from some government/government approved agencies.

At present there is plethora of agencies available in market that provides Third Party Inspection to the one who demands. In order to maintain the standard of Inspection company there are some criteria to be fulfilled by every company. Some of them are mentioned below:Maintenance of Confidentiality: Keeping up the trust and confidence of client must be the aim of these companies. Information must be confidential and disclosed only to the client.Impartiality and Integrity must be the motto: Each and every task of quality check must be impartial and authentic. The company should have high standard for Integrity and should ensure no inspector of it’s should indulge in malpractices.Experience in the field related to the Product: This is very important to know how much experience a company is having in inspection of the product or related products of same field. Greater is the experience more are the chances that it would provide a reliable report for the product inspected.Inspection schedule and Report Availability: Inspection activities should be aligned with the total project delivery timelines. Delays in inspection and result report generation can cause cost overruns for the project/product. Therefore schedule of inspection as well as resultant report should be taken in consideration before finalizing a Third Party Inspection company.