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Chemical Cargo Inspection

Chemical Cargo Inspection



Chemical and petrochemical bulk cargo inspection and testing services.

DASH offers clients professional inspection and testing services for bulk chemical cargo commodity shipments on a global basis. DASH provides critical quality, purity, and quantity services for valuable bulk chemical cargo, on a global 24/7/365 basis.


Bulk chemical and petro-chemical inventory and custody transfer inspection:


  • Global Inspection Coordination
  • Chemical Tank Gauging
  • Atmospheric Monitoring
  • Chemical Product Sampling
  • Tank Cleanliness and Tank Wall Wash Inspection
  • Tanker Cargo Transfer and Lightering
  • Auto-Sampling Rigs
  • Investigation of Cargo Discrepancy
  • Proper Sampling to Accepted Industry Standards
  • Sample Transport to Laboratory
  • Sample Testing and Retain
  • Cargo Additive Treatment Services
  • Petrochemicals Testing
  • Trace Analysis

Dash  has been inspecting bulk commodity cargos since 2000, operating worldwide in major chemical and petro-chemical production, storage and transportation regions. DASH  is a member of IFIA.

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