Definations of the Weilding terms used in AWS


applicant. A person who applies to the AWS for
AWS. The American Welding Society, 550 N.W.
LeJeune Road, Miami, Florida 33126.
AWS National Registry. The AWS database in which
all individuals certified through AWS or an AWS
accredited testing facilities are nationally recognized
and acknowledged.
certificate. The document issued to the applicant on
successful completion of the requirements for
certified. Having met the AWS certification requirements.
certification. The act of determining, verifying and
attesting in writing to the qualification of personnel in
conformance to specified requirements.
Certification Department. The department that administers
the certification activities of the American
Welding Society.
CEU. Continuing Education Unit.
code. A standard consisting of a set of conditions and
requirements relating to a particular subject and indicating
appropriate procedures by which it can be
determined that the requirements have been met. A
standard suitable for adoption in whole or in part by a
governmental authority as a part of a law or regulation
or as specified by other mandatory documents.
Committee. The Certification Committee of the American
Welding Society.
endorsement. Indication of an additional skill documented
in writing and added to one’s certification
nondestructive examination. The act of determining
the suitability of some material or component for its
intended purpose using techniques that do not affect
its serviceability.
notarization. To authenticate or attest that specific
information is valid.
qualification. Demonstrated training, skill, knowledge
and experience required for personnel to perform the
duties of a specific job.
qualified. Having complied with specific requirements.
PDH. Professional Development Hour. A unit of
approved professional or education activity involving
class participation or performing as an instructor.
PDHs are used to determine continuing education eligibility
for recertification under this program.
specification. A specification describes the essential
technical requirements for material, fabrication, product,
system, or service. It indicates the means to determine
that all requirements have been met. A standard
suitable for adoption in procurement documents.
standard. A generic term incorporating codes, specifications,
recommended practices, classifications, methods,
and guides that have been prepared by a
sponsoring committee, and approved in accordance
with established procedures.

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