The Dropped Object Prevention Programme, (DOPP) is designed to minimize the number of dropped object incidents that can occur on oil and gas projects.

Stage one – A Rig Specific Dropped Object Evaluation Health Check

  • Provide a specialist to visit the rig and provide a full evaluation.
  • This information will be used to create a specific dropped object awareness programme.
  • A summary will be sent to the rig management team.

Stage Two – A Rig Specific Dropped Object Awareness Training Programme

  • An awareness training programme will be arranged for key personnel on board.
  • Ensures crew is aware of their surroundings and possible hazards.
  • A half day programme.

Stage Three – A Tablet-Based Dropped Object Application

  • A full inventory of all equipment located in specific rig zones.
  • Full management of inspection and corrective actions.
  • Easy to use step by step guidance.
  • An inspection will be automatically linked to the OES Certrack/Drop stack Reporting System.
  • Allows crew inspections, corrective actions, monitor inspection frequency and the ability to view any items  missed during each inspection.
  • OES will also perform third party initial inspection using this application.
  • During OES inspections all equipment will be tagged, inventories created and corrective actions closed out.
  • Annual review by the OES team.

Stage 4 – Handover of Rig Specific Tablet Application

  • Tablets handed over to rig team.

ELearning Awareness Training package – for employees and sub-contractors

  • An Annual eLearning training programme to ensure that all personnel is aware of the dangers and consequences of Potential Dropped Objects, how to prevent them, industry best practices and recommended guidelines.