Dropped Object Survey – Dropstrack


Selecting DASH’s dropped objects package (DropsTrack) takes the headache out of initiating a dropped objects program, by providing an off-the-shelf solution.


DASH provides qualified inspectors to conduct a thorough dropped objects survey of the Derrick/Mast and agreed surrounding areas, documenting findings with photographic support and providing recommendations for their rectification. All findings are then presented in our exclusive corrective actions register format in hard, soft and interactive online copies.


The team also prepares a complete dropped objects scheduled-inspection follow-up program, for post DASH inspections by the rig crew. This program is built on a level-by-level basis, detailing items to be checked and what to look for, a text is clear and easy to follow, with all items supported by a photographic reference.


DASH also have a broad range of experience reviewing, implementing and following up on client’s pre-purchased or internal dropped objects packages should another format be agreed for dropped objects. This ranges from implementing clients own, or already purchased, dropped objects package to auditing an already implemented dropped objects program.