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The steel production capacity of the facility is 2,500 tonnes per month, which is progressively being increased to 5,000 tonnes per month. The panel line production facility has the following features:

  • Three ESAB plasma cutting and marking machines with automatic beveling and plasma marking
  • Automated Panel Line with an area of 6,400 sq.m. and maximum panel size of 16m x 16m

Additional features are:

  • Maximum weight of panel that can be handled is 100 tonnes
  • Full panel fabrication with one side welding station
  • Stiffener fitting and double side stiffener welding gantry, which can accommodate maximum height of stiffener – 550 mm

The following pieces of equipment are available:

  • Stiffener cutting station (Kranendonk Robot)
  • 500t frame/stiffener bending machine
  • 600t PLC press machine
  • Template – router machine
  • T-Master
  • Cans/Bracing Fabrication Facility
  • 3m Rolling and Welding Station
  • 9m Station with 3m can joining area
  • 18m Station with 24m can joining area

Drydocks World – Dubai will manage the ship-lifts facility at Dubai Maritime City. The facility will address the repair needs of small to medium size vessel owners, widening the repair portfolio of the yard.

The new facility will have 42 dry berths of 100 x 25 metres at Dock 1, two of them covered, and eleven dry berths of 150 x 35 metres at Dock 2 – one of them covered. The facility will be equipped with ship-lifts of 6,000 tonnes and 3,000 tonnes. A 700-tonnes travel lift will be available on site. The wet berths will extend over 1270 linear metres.

Drydocks World – Dubai is operating the ship lift facility at Jadaf near Dubai Creek. The yard has two ship lifts capable of lifting vessels up to 2500 tonnes.

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