Electrical and Instrumentation Inspection

Electrical and Instrumentation Inspection


DASH  has approved qualified and authorized electrical inspectors engineers to conduct inspection based on standards BS EN 60204-1, IEC 61557-2, IEC 61557-3, IEC 61557-4, IEC 61557-5, IEC 61557-6, IEC 61557-7, IEC 60529, DEWA/ FEWA /SEWA Regulations and relevant International standards/regulations. The inspection, testing, and certification of electrical components including but not limited to:
Voltage and Frequency
Insulation Resistance Test
Continuity Test
Loop Impedance Test
ELCB/MCCB Tripping Time Test
ELCB/MCCB Tripping
Current Test
Earth Resistance Test
Phase Sequence Test




Most familiar equipment includes generators, precision cutting machines, hydraulic press machines, all kinds of motor driven equipment.



We conduct inspections & certification of all kinds of electrical panels including but not limited to Main Distribution Board (MDB), Sub Main Distribution Board (SMDB), Distribution Board (DB), Earthing by using thermal imaging techniques. (Thermography) based on ASTM E 1934-99 a. Thermography inspection is important to identify critical findings inside concealed wirings in multistoried buildings and factories. The timely identification of critical findings will help the client to reduce the risk of fire due to short circuits as well to arrest the frequent loss of electricity. The objective of thermography survey comprises but not limited to:

Build a database of all assets.
Collect actual amperage draws, where applicable and deemed safe.
Collect ambient temperatures.
Collect OEM data (model /serial no., ratings, etc.)
Capture digital image of each asset.
Use infrared thermography to scan and capture a thermographic image of every targeted electrical system.
Perform visual damage and code compliance reviews to highlight potential gaps with NFPA 70, NEC and OSHA gaps.
Provide Field Severity Reporting – highlighting any “critical” or “serious”.
Immediate and end-of inspection notification of any critical and/or serious thermal anomalies.


The Inspection needs to be carried out on regular basis to check the condition for continued use. DASH periodic inspection will be acknowledged with Electrical Condition Report (ECR) to clients/customers.



DASH has the competency to provide a detailed Energy Audit Report to the client based on the analysis of in-service inspection of all electrical conduits and its usage.



In-service Portable Appliances Testing (PAT) for all kinds of daily utility electrically operated equipment.


For further queries and inquiries, please contact dash@dashinspectorate.com.