Elevator Engineering

Life is synonymous to action. Everything in this world is active in a way or another. Be it time, humans and machines, nothing is stationary. At DASH, we understand that movement is a part of life and contribute our little share in the smooth movement of people in different ways and forms. And we do it through our innovative installation of elevators and escalators.

These can be used anywhere.Within the upcoming apartments, shopping malls, commercial complexes, metro stations, shopping malls, hospitals, and even in load transportation. We ease out the movement through our innovative installations.


DASH Installation of Elevators & Escalators is a rising company based in UAE, active in all kinds of major Elevators Installation projects in the region since 2008. Headquartered in Dubai, the company has expertise not only in installations, but also holds expertise in maintenance services as well. Starting from being active in major elevators installation projects in UAE, the company in terms of global operations has ventured in countries like OMAN  and INDIA .

Understanding the everlasting importance of elevators and escalators in modern life, DASH’s installations make sure that the infrastructural escalation demands at public places are met in the most accurate way. With a wide range of ergonomic solutions based on high-end technology, the product offerings are capable to serve plenty of infrastructural needs with innovation and quality precision.

Over the past years of its operations, the company has established many teams of well qualified professionals in the Elevators Field who make sure that the quality remains consistent every time. In short, it has always placed ‘Safety and Quality’ on top priority. As a result, the company has served its clients and business partners with accuracy in terms of installation works.


Vision And Mission

Our Vision is to be the Local Market Leader in Elevators Installations and Maintenance.

Our Mission is to provide our clients with Quality Service in Installation & Maintenance of Elevators & Conveying systems in a Timely and Professional Manner.

Our Values

Safety : Our workforce is our strength. And we protect our strength with responsible and safe practices towards both our workers and clients. Safety regulation principles are highly applied in all Installation Activities.

Quality : Attention to details and proper method of statements has always been the motto to provide our clients with the best quality of services.

Speed : Knowing the field we are in with proper management and supervision is the receipt to provide our clients with fast installation Services.