Engineering and Projects

DASH  Project Services

  • DASH projects are the backbone of economic development and encompass a considerable amount of risk. As business and project specialists, we have a deep technical experience to assist in every step of the project cycle.
  • Managing commercial value throughout the lifecycle is key to deriving maximum benefit from the investment. Our longstanding and worldwide expertise allows us to optimize the project by minimizing costs for the public sector and maximizing the revenue for the private sector, manage and mitigate the risks of delays and extra costs.
  • Time, cost and quality management are the main ingredients in successful capital project delivery. Our team consists of project managers, quantity surveyors, economists, engineers and specialists in every field of project development and implementation.
  • Management of risk is a key driver for a successful project development and delivery.

DASH  Project Management

Capital Project Management

DASH project management is a PwC approach that businesses can use to plan, manage and deliver capital projects in a structured way in order to maximize potential benefits.

The approach can be applied at any stage throughout the project’s lifecycle. It focuses on risk at every stage, whether “up front” during appraisal and procurement stages or “downstream” during construction or when disputes develop.

DASH project management works so well because PwC combines strong industry and sector experience with business and analytical skills. We have rigorous methodologies for all stages in the approach, including:

  • Project Appraisal: Portfolio Alignment, Business Strategy & Feasibility
  • Project Appraisal: Option Evaluation, Project Value, Risk and Financing
  • Project Development: Procurement, Contracting & Bid Strategy/Tax Structure
  • Execution: Design, Organisation & Infrastructure
  • Execution: Build & Delivery, Organisation & Infrastructure
  • Operate: Operational Excellence