Expediting services from DASH keep your project firmly on schedule by ensuring that your suppliers deliver.


With numerous suppliers involved in your supply chain, keeping your projects on schedule is a challenge. Delayed delivery of materials, products or equipment prevents your project from being completed on time and on budget. Our expediting services keep your project firmly on schedule by ensuring that your suppliers deliver.


Expediting services enable your projects to proceed as scheduled and aid in minimizing delays and costly product deficiency issues.


Our expediting services include a detailed and quantified analysis of the causes and effects of schedule delays. Our expediters analyze the critical path of fabrication, including:


  • Order status
  • Inventory of equipment in stock
  • Design verification
  • Progress in manufacturing
  • Testing
  • Packing
  • Shipment and delivery


DASH’s expediting services provide onsite monitoring and follow-up on the progress of critical path tasks.


Our expediters provide visibility and the assurance that fabrication will proceed as normal.  They minimize the risk of unexpected or undesirable delays which could impact project deadlines.



We  posses:

  1. Recognition
  2. Network
  3. Knowledge and Expertise
  4. Online Reporting Services


Our experienced professionals offer you the experience, expertise, knowledge, and diplomacy necessary to ensure that your project remains on schedule. We obtain and reaffirm delivery promises from your suppliers. Plus, we fully investigate all aspects of their scheduling to ensure they meet their contractual obligations and deliver on time.


Global expediting activities require a provider with a unique international network.  With over  20 offices globally, DASH can provide expeditors at many international locations.


All of our expediters follow the same established procedures, whereby, no matter the geographic location, our clientele can expect a uniform level of service.


Our expediting services cover every phase of your production process, enabling you to:

  • Keep up-to-date with your project with periodic status reports tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Identify areas that may cause potential delays. If delays do occur, we implement quick countermeasures to help you avoid further postponement.
  • Ensure that materials and equipment are delivered on time and fulfill contractual delivery terms.



As a leading provider of expediting services, our proven reputation is based on years of experience, serving clients in all industries. Our unique global network enables us to assess vendors and their production plans for you – in every corner of the world, within days or even hours.


Our expediting services include:

  • Coordination of expediting with all suppliers
  • Monitoring the dispatch of material
  • Expediting visits
  • Field and desk expediting
  • Inspection
  • Recommendations for necessary measures
  • Reporting
  • Situation assessment for your overall project
  • Supplier performance monitoring


Contact us today to find out how our expediting services can help you keep your project on schedule and ensure that your suppliers deliver.