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Fairground & Amusement Equipment

Fairground & Amusement Equipment

DASH  conducts/ carry out Inspection – Initial approval of amusement rides/ devices comprises of design review, Inspection of manufacturing processes, Initial Inspection, Independent Inspection, Major Inspection and Installation Inspection. Few enlisted devices are included but not limited to trampolines (simple device inflatables, XD cinema simulators, or arcade games, soft play area, paddle boat, bumper boat and dry slides.




Independent Inspection will be performed for all Amusement devices required together with ancillary parts (audio, lighting, platforms, fencing, etc.,) at specified intervals. Visual inspection which include exposing the chosen critical component and where required log book or operating manual are suspected disassembly. Exceptional Inspection will be performed after major repair and modification of amusement ride/device.




The Inspection, Testing and Certification are as per international norms including by Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC)/Dubai Municipality. We conduct Initial Inspection, independent & Thorough inspection and certify the following devices including but not limited to BS EN 13814, BS EN 13814,BS EN 1176, BSEN ISO 12100, ASTM F2291, ASTM F2137, ASTM F1193, ASTM F2974, ASTM F2375, ASTM F770 and with relevant , applicable/ International Standards.




The Inspection, Testing and Certification of amusement rides included but not limited to,
  Ali Baba,   AquaLoop,   Alpine slide,   Backyard railroad,   trackless Train,   Balloon Race,   Bayern Kurve,   Booster (Fabbri),   Breakdance,   Carousel,   Caterpillar,   Columbus ride,   Chairlift,   Cliffhanger,   Devil’s wheel,   Double Shot,   Enterprise,   Evolution,   Ferris wheel,   Fireball,   FlowRider,   Flying Scooters,   Freefall,   Frisbee,   Fun Slide,   Gravitron,   Gyro tower,   Helter skelter,   Hurricane,   Jump and Smile,   Kamikaze,   Kiddie ride,   Lazy river,   Log flume,   Looping Starship,   Loop-O-Plane,   Monster,   Matterhorn,   Motion simulator,   Music Express,   Octopus,   Orbiter,   Paratrooper,   Pirate Ship,   Power Surge,   Rainbow,   Loop-O-Plane,   Reverse bungee,   River rapids ride,   Rock-O-Plane,   Roller coaster,   Rotor,   Screamin,   Swing,   Shoot the Chute,   Sky Swat,   Skycoaster,   Skydiver,   Speed,   Swing boat,   Teacups,   Tagada,,   The Whip,   Top Scan,   Topple Tower,   Tornado (ProSlide),   Troika,   Turbo Drop,   Twist,   Waltzer,   Water slide,   Wind Seeker,   Wipeout & Zipper.




In addition, Inspection, Testing and Certification of amusement devices included but not limited to Bumper/ Dodgem Car, Bumper Boat , Go Kart , Peddle Boat , Trampoline Court, Bungee Trampoline, Single & Multiple bed trampoline, Fixed & Mobile Climbing wall , Bouldering wall inspection, Fixed & Mobile Rope course , Tree Top Adventure Course , Zip Line Inspection, Inflatable’s, Simulator, Haunted House, Water Attractions & Mirror Maze.

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