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Gravity of Ultrasonic Testing Procedures

The industries might improvise upon their technologies each day but the testing mechanisms have to improve in line with them. Only then can they work in co operation with each other. This article talks about the Tomahawk cruise missiles and the concept of latent defect and the uses of different non destructive testing in it.

The cruise missiles demand a more flexible strike weapon with new operational capabilities and reduced costs. In accordance with these demands, the mechanical properties must be checked thoroughly before the implementation procedure.

Before talking about the testing, let us talk about what are cruise missiles in the first place. They are 20 foot by 21 inch pilotless and very accurate airplane used by the destroyers, aircraft or sub marines. It includes a 550 pound rocket motor which has the function of accelerating the missile until wings, tail fins, air inlet unfold, and turbo fan engine takes their proper places. It was first used in operation Desert Storm in 1991.

When some of the new parts for the motor are to be launched, mechanical testing is conducted to make sure that all the physical properties are well in their place. The mechanical test specimens use tensile test while testing the motor casings and closures.

Tests are performed to hit those flaws which are not discoverable by the reasonable examination. These kinds of defects are called latent defects. Defects of such kinds occur, in most of the cases, either in the manufacture of some piece of equipment or in the structure of the building. Things seem good when seen from a distance but the actuality comes to the surface only when the hidden things are revealed.

The term reasonable examination suggests those things which are noticeable on the surface. These can be noticed by anyone who takes a close look. On the other hand, the hidden ones are made possible to look at by the ultrasonic testing.

These tests are important before all the big things in any industry happen. All the non destructive tests are performed to make distinct all the minor discontinuities. It provides information on the uniformity of concrete cavities, cracks and defects. The method is based upon the pulse velocity method. The distance between the transducers must be measured and positioning of the transducers must be appropriate. There are three particular positioning like direct, semi direct or indirect. Make sure these positioning are appropriate.

If the testing procedure has been performed in the accurate manner, all other things will go straight.

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