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How often must lifting equipment and accessories be thoroughly examined?

You must have lifting equipment thoroughly examined:
before using it for the first time
– unless the equipment has an EC Declaration
of Conformity less than one year old and was not assembled on site. If it was
assembled on site, it must be examined by a competent person to establish the
assembly was correct and safe, eg a platform lift installed in a building;
after assembly and before use at each location
for equipment that requires
assembly or installation before use, eg tower cranes;
regularly in service
if the equipment is exposed to conditions causing
deterioration that is likely to result in dangerous situations. If this applies to your
equipment you have a choice (see Table 2). You can arrange for the thorough
examination to be carried out:
– at regular intervals (either at least every 6 months or 12 months depending on
whether the lifting equipment is for lifting people or not); or
– in accordance with an
examination scheme
drawn up by a competent person.