ISO Services

ISO Consultancy and Certification

A9R5991   ISO Consultancy and Certifications by DASH

 ISO 9001
 ISO 14001
 ISO 18001
 ISO 22000 HACCP
 ISO 20000 ITSM
 ISO 27001 ISMS
 ISO 13485
 ISO 17025
 ISO 10001/10002
 ISO 28001
 ISO 22301
 Six Sigma
 ISO 50001 EnMS
 ISO 25999 Business Continuity
 ISO 29001 Petroleum




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We at DASH Inspectorate lead the world in advocating, defining and implementing best practice across every field of human endeavor, from business continuity to Quality and Safety and is capable of providing qualified professional consultants in the Middle East to introduce and help in implementing the highest standards of management systems.


DASH Inspectorate operates within a network of senior specialists having a long-standing experience with sophisticated analytical capabilities, covering expertise related to: Quality management systems,  Information Security Management system, environmental management systems, health & safety management systems, re-structuring, human resources, excellence models, feasibility studies, skills.