Lifting Equipment Inspection

Lifting Equipment

Lifting equipment is any machine/device, whether powered, manually, mechanically or electrically, able to move, either vertically or horizontally or both, or suspend loads, including the supporting structures and related parts used for lifting and lowering loads. DASH  is competent to carry out initial approval, design review, inspection of manufacturing process and initial inspection, periodic inspection and major inspection (design review to the extent major repairs which affect the total system, repair inspection, visual inspection, functional test and proof load test). The inspection, testing and certification standards are BS 7212, BS 7121, BS EN 1808, BS EN 115-1+A1, BS EN 81-1+A3, BS 5639, BS ISO 22915-8, BS 3726, BS EN 280, BS 8460, BS EN 13157+A1, ISO 4308-1, BS EN 81-2, BS EN 60204, IEC 529, IEC 60947-5-1, LOLER and relevant standard(s).



Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Vehicle Lifts/Car Lifts (TwoPost, Four PostScissoror Lift, & Pit lift)



Inspection, Testing and Certification – Cranes (tower, jib, mobile crane, truck mounted crane, overhead cranes, and their supporting runways)



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Pedestal Crane, Hoist



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Wall/Pillar Cranes, Derricks, Swing Jibs and Davits



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification- Winches, Hoists (air and electric), Crabs, Chain Blocks, Lever Hoists, Jaw Winches


  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Pull Lifts, Trolleys, Dozers, BOBCAT, Trolley Jack, Pellet Trucks, Man Lifts, Window Cradles, Escalators & Elevators



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Self-loader, Side Beam



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification Powered Working Platform/ Mobile Elevated Working Platform(MEWP) including not limited to Man Lift



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Suspended Man Basket



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Engine Lifting Jacks, Material Lifts



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Lifting Jack (pneumatic and hydraulic)



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Chain block, Pulley, Mobile or Movable Jack



  Inspection, Testing and Certification – Calibration of test weight(s) and issuance of certificate



  Inspection, Testing, and Certification – Derrick, Barges, Life Boat Davits Systems, Offshore/ Land Rigs, and Vessels

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