NDT Certification Levels

NDT Certification Levels
NDT personnel are generally certified to several different levels of competence within each of the NDT methods they are working. The levels are Level I Limited, Level I , Level II, and Level III.

1)  Level I technicians are only qualified to perform specific calibrations and tests, and acceptance or rejection determinations allow little or no deviation from the procedure. Level I technicians are under close supervision and direction of a higher level tester. The level I position is not the trainee level, but the first level a trainee reaches upon demonstrating ability in specific tests. Level I Limited personnel are restricted even more in what they can do. They are usually trained to a specific procedure and can perform only certain types of inspections on a certain set of components.

2) Level II technicians are able to set up and calibrate equipment, conduct the inspection according to procedures, interpret, evaluate and document results in all the testing method(s) utilized by the certificate holder. The technician can provide on the job training for Level I and Level I Limited and act as a supervisor. The technician can also organize and document the results of the inspection. They must be familiar with all applicable codes, standards, and other documents that control the NDT method being utilized.

3) Level III technicians are capable of establishing techniques and procedures; interpreting codes, standards, and specifications; and designating the particular nondestructive testing methods, techniques, and procedures to be used. They must also have knowledge of materials, fabrication, and product technology. Level III technicians are responsible for training and examining Level I and Level II’s. Usually Level III technicians are in administration, supervision, or management positions, or are owners of a testing laboratory. Some Level III technicians also become consultants.

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