Site visits and survey of the scaffold;
Inspection of the structure from a height;
Inspection of the scaffold against the design plan;
Maintaining photographic records of the scaffold;
Inspecting the drawings of the layout of the scaffold;
Giving an inspection certificate;
Testing signs of buckling and plumbness;
Providing a comprehensive report based on the scaffold testing;
Signing off on scafftags for a visual record of the inspection;
Maintaining scaffold inspection registers and ledgers;
Providing necessary support to the contractor to ensure that the scaffold meets thecurrent legal requirements; and

Preparing a detailed report of each inspection of the scaffold and of the findings from the inspection. We conduct one­off inspections of the scaffold, on­site anchor pull out testing as well as weekly or periodic inspections of the scaffold. We also provide scaffold inspection services required in case of a dispute or legal claim. Our scaffold testing and inspection service will confirm that the scaffold is safe for use and meets the legal regulations governing scaffolds