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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes all clothing and
accessories designed to protect against workplace hazards. In some
situations the only available protection for employees will be the use
of PPE and often in emer
gencies, PPE will be required for the safety
of the workers.
As required by federal and state regulations, personal protective
equipment is essential for the protection of eyes, ears, face and other
body parts when working around hazardous machinery and
equipment. All PPE must
established standards (ANSI, NIOSH,
OSHA, etc).
All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided by XYZ
Manufacturing Company. Employees are not allowed to provide their
own PPE unless authorized by the Safety Director. As
a general rule,
only company provided PPE is allowed.
Hazard Assessments have been completed throughout the
production and warehouse areas of XYZ Manufacturing Company.
PPE is required in the following areas:
All employees and visitors are re
quired to wear approved hard hats
and eye protection. Steel
toed shoes/boots required of warehouse
Welding Shop
All employees and visitors are required to wear approved eye
protection. Approved hard hats required of all welders. Approved
g protection required of all welders. Welders are also required
to don approved PPE in the form of goggles, helmet, leather coat,
apron, steel
toed work boot, gloves, no cuff pants and other
equipment as deemed necessary by the Safety Director. Mechanical
ventilation is required at all welding stations.
Paint Shop
All employees and visitors are required to wear approved eye
protection. Spray painters are required to wear company provided
work clothing (disposable shirt/pants). Approved respirators are
equired during those times when spray painting, mixing, or clean
is taking place. Steel
toed boots/shoes required of paint sprayers. All
spray painting is to be conducted within the paint spray booth.
Mechanical ventilation system is to be in operation
when spray
painting takes place.
General Production Areas
Approved eye protection required of all who enter shop.
Visitor glasses (eye protection) are available in main office as well as
next to loading dock door and warehouse entrance.
XYZ Manufactu
ring Company will reimburse employee (maximum
$100) each 24 months for the purchase of approved steel
XYZ Manufacturing Company will provide prescription eye wear
(approved safety eye protection) for those individuals requesting
same. S
ee Safety Director for additional information.