Predictive Maintenance Surveys

Infrared Thermographic Surveys (IRT)


State-of-the-art heat sensing cameras are combined with the knowledge and experience of a qualified DASH electrician in order to locate, problem solve and report exothermic electrical anomalies found on the drilling rig; which are mostly invisible to the naked eye.


IRT surveys are synonymous with major cost savings brought about via the timely identification of possible equipment failures and subsequently the avoidance of associated downtime.


DASH’ IRT surveys and reports provide a comprehensive list of all areas and a detailed explanation of any “hot-spot” findings, plus recommendations for effective corrective action. All findings are supported by thermal image showing temperature scale and location of the problem area, as well as standard photographic images as an easy location reference.


Many areas found during the survey can be rectified on the spot, by the client’s electrician, for re-imaging by the DASH surveyor and ultimately close out.


Vibration Analysis


An increasingly popular non intrusive method on equipment inspection. Where variances in specific equipments oscillation can be interpreted by DASH personnel with the aim of potentially redefining repair intervals, reducing operational costs, flagging potential premature equipment failure and more.