All of the DASH services can now be enhanced through RFID tagging. RFID (or Radio Frequency Identification) provides a method of attaching an electronic tag to an asset to aid rapid information retrieval. A scan of a tag would pull up information about that asset, including manufacturer information, inspection certificates, maintenance information and so on. An RFID tag can be thought of like a barcode, except is much more rugged, cannot be copied or tampered with. It also not necessarily require line of sight to get a read. This is especially useful for warehousing stock control and management.


Through our partner Askaris, we can also provide innovative database solutions which are especially suited to use in the oil & gas sectors. Featuring true ‘Big Data’ architecture, it is able to manage many millions of assets without performance degradation. It also works in environments where there is poor or no Internet connectivity. Applications using RFID technology include:


ARCUS-EX  (EX Survey with RFID tagging)
ARCUS-HORM  (Hose Register Management)
ARCUS-PIPE  (Drill pipe management)
ARCUS-TRACK  (Asset and maintenance management)


We also provide ruggedised tablets for use in harsh environments. These are ATEX-2 devices with an ATEX-1 device available in Q1 2015.


Our solutions are in use today in many of the major operators in the US, UK and Middle East.


Do not hesitate to contact DASH if you would like more information or a demonstration.