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Scaffolding and Roof Support Systems Examination

DASH  provides Inspection , Testing & Certification of all kinds of aerial devices or elevated work platforms. These are the mechanical devices used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible. An Elevated temporary working platform used to support worker, materials and tools during construction work. It is being used to work at heights more than a worker places on the same platform and when not possible to perform works with other safe mans such as – Working platform, Ladder access tower, Loading bays, Free standing, Mobile access tower and any scaffolding structure used as temporary supporting structure during False works. The Inspection Test Plan(ITP) and the checklist with standards for inspection are carried out as per international Guide lines and approved guidelines of Dubai Accreditation Centre (DAC), Dubai – UAE.

The scaffold ( fixed and false work) Inspection undergoes methods and procedures with relevant and International standards BS EN 12811, BS 5975 and Technical literature, Scaffold design review, which encompasses related risks involved including location and surrounding environment that can jeopardize compliance to requirement will be Inspected/ verified. Periodic Inspection includes but not limited to installation is in compliance with the reviewed design, Verification against relevant standards & footing of the structure will be verified.

The scaffold accessories Inspection, Testing and Certification including but not limited to Timber scaffold board, Coupler, spigot pin and baseplates used for false work , Scaffold coupler for tubes, Scaffold Special Coupler, Scaffold plain base plate and spigot pins based on BS EN 74-3 and other relevant and approved International standards.

The sector(s) we service include wide spectrum not limited to Power Plants, Construction, Fabrication, high Rise buildings, Oil & gas, maritime, bridges , Amusement Rides and devices.



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