From operational excellence to knowledge management, Dash Inspectorate is a trusted partner that can help you manage your risk in all areas. advisory
Dash Inspectorate offers a number of assesment services from ISRS, corporate governance and responsibility assesment, to fraud and corruption resistance. assessment
Dash Inspectorate is one of the world’s leading certification bodies/registrars offering the latest in management systems certification services. See also our services within product certification, climate change, and corporate responsibility here.  certification
Dash Inspectorate is a leading  consultant for classification society both within offshore classification and ship classification. ship classification
Materials Technology & Testing
There are many services within this field, such as failure investigation, materials selection, testing of materials and components, laboratory testing, technology qualification and more. Laboratory_Material_Testing
Software Solutions
Dash Inspectorate Software is a leading provider of software for managing risk in the energy, process and maritime industries – offering solutions for design, engineering, strength assessment, risk and reliability, QHSE and asset integrity management. ADI-software-solutions
Technology Qualification
As the energy industry moves faster and develops new technology to keep pace, Dash inspectorate offers services to help customers prove that their innovation actually works as intended. Main services are technology qualification management, technical analysis & simulations, technical risk & reliability analysis, materials technology, and laboratory testing. TechQual_T
Through Dash Inspectorate Academy, Dash Inspectorate provides professional training for professionals working in a wide field of expertises. Training Word Cloud Concept in red & black
Dash Inspectorate offers a number of verification services, such as verification of sustainability reporting, risk-based verification of field developments, risk-based verification of pipelines, risers & subsea facilities, risk-based verification of process systems, and verification & certification of products & equipment, and more. verification