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Engineering Services





When it comes to the world’s most challenging engineering design and construction projects, DASH  is the go-to engineering design company for technically-innovative, award-winning results


Design of equipments ( PV, Heat exchangers, columns, tanks etc ),pipeline ,process and plant design including civil, structural, architectural, mechanical ,electrical, instrumentation etc.


  • Engineering Design (New Construction)
  • Engineering Design (Service Plant)
  • FPSO and Offshore Facility Conversion
  • Project Management and Consultancy

Engineering the World’s Most Technically Innovative Projects

Clean Energy & Sustainability Engineering & Design Mining Engineering & Design Water Resources
Engineering & Design Coastal Ports & Waterways Engineering & Design Oil & Gas Water Treatment
Engineering& Design Dams Pipelines & Tunnels Engineering & Design Wastewater Treatment
Engineering & Design Remediation Closure Engineering and Design Power Delivery Engineering and Design Wet Weather
Engineering and Design Hydropower Engineering and Design Transportation

Project Management Consultancy

Undertakes consultancy assignment for efficient completion of overall projects including engineering, manufacturing, testing and installation, commissioning, expediting activities.

Vendor Development

For procurement of pipes, plates, valves, forgings, fittings, equipments like Pressure vessel, heat exchangers, condensers, columns, customized equipments for all sectors like OIL & GAS, FERTILIZER, CEMENT, FMCG, PAPER, SUGAR, CHEMICAL, PETROCHEMICAL etc.

Support Services

Undertake providing technically qualified and experienced technocrats for India and Abroad positions on request.


 Fabrication and Project services

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