Third Party Inspection Services by DIPL

Dash Inspectorate Pvt Ltd offers Third Party Inspection services to various kind of products and equipments from planning stage to dispatch and loading stages. We have various registrations with internationally recognized bodies, professional societies and trade associations.

We are an independent and free from any undue pressures which might affect our agency’s judgment also we are ensure complete confidentiality of our clients’ proprietary rights.

We have set up experienced active an expert team with assessment skills for all inspections in all over the country for our services of all Final Products and Equipments Inspections, Product Verification, Process Verification, Expediting, Packing, Loading, Sealing and Dispatch.

Our services from Project Planning, Design Verification, Raw Material Identification, Material Properties Inspection, Stage Inspection, In Process Inspection, Product Inspection, Precession Machining Parts Inspection, Final Inspection, Final Documentation, Product Audits, Process Audits, Vendor Development, Vendor Evaluation, Vendor Assessments and Non-Destructive Testing {RT, UT, MPT, DPT} by ASNT level II & III Certified Professionals for all customer requirements.

We offer Third Party Inspection Services in the following countries : India, UAE, Nigeria, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and many more. Our Region of operation includes following cities : Vadodara, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Lagos, Portharcourt, Bangkok, Couchburi, Kuala Lumpur

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