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Topic: Pre-Shipment Inspection – Have Perfect Quality Assurance

Pre-shipment inspection is a very important action that is followed by almost every entrepreneur before making the shipment of goods and products from various part of the world. It is very much important activity to assure that the product you are delivering is of right quality that they actually looking for. Anyways, before clearing due, it’s very much important to ensure that shipped products are perfect.


So, it’s always mandatory to examine all products individually before dispatching. It actually creates a faith for the quality control mechanism to make sure that qualities of products are maintained as it was given by the supplier. This overall process is termed as pre-shipment inspection that is PSI. It is basically done to ensure about the perfect mechanism that is usually adopted packaging and manufacturing of goods. Nowadays, there are many services and training provider companies that basically work for this PSI.


Services for PSI can be easily availed when items for a commodity are received with the letter of credit. This letter of credit is written as LC that comprises of seller bank along with the buyer. Here, in this circumstance, a certificate is issued that shows the quality of the product. This certification is sent to the buyer bank where payment is released after checking the shipment certification. Bank has the right to hold the payment when the bank is not satisfied with the certificate provided. Here, you can also submit another document with credit letter. These all techniques help to secure the interest of a buyer.  This way one can have a peace of mind.


Nowadays, you can find various agencies that provide certification by providing pre-shipment inspection service. You can believe on the agencies that provide ISO certification 9000,14000,1800 in Cameroon.  These all agencies have well-trained experts for different industries who provide pre-shipment inspection services. These are actually a privately owned company that provide services at the fast and reasonable rate. So, you can consult these services provider to have an optimum solution. You can also consider state-owned agencies and have faith because they have the involvement of government body that ensures independence and objectivity.


Apart from the above-mentioned certification process, you can also have Pre-shipment inspection in Tanzania through these agencies. Even with the services you can also have training for these programs so that you can form trained experts who can easily deal all the norms of a company to deal all the need for shipment inspection. If you are also looking for such services, connect with these agencies and forget all worries for shipment.