AWS CWI Training

American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector Course


  1. Understanding the welding inspection requirements by codes and specifications.
  2. Testing requirements and make WPS/PQR as per the requirements.
  3. Understanding the welding metallurgy.
  4. Understanding the occurrence and locating the defects and discontinuity in welds.


  1. Understanding the requirements of codes for good welding practice.
  2. Familiarity with WPS and PQR.
  3. Welding defects and locating the defects.
  4. Practical tips for doing welding, like electrical parameters, hand movement, selection of rod, temperature, etc.
  5. Good grinding practice for defect detection.

Faculty: ASNT LEVEL III, BE-Metallurgy, Highly experienced.
Welding Trainer: 30-34 years Experience


  1. Welding course will be based on ASME SEC IX specifically but will also include AWS and ASME sec VIII guidelines.
  2. Modules will be Welding inspection and certification
  3. Safe practices for welding inspectors
  4. Metal joining and cutting process
  5. Weld joint geometry and welding symbols
  6. Welding metallurgy and weld metal discontinuities
  7. Visual inspection and other NDT methods
  8. WPS/PQR as per ASME SEC IX
  9. Welding process at your works and improvement scopes.
  10. Case studies as per your scope of work.

On job welding training by experienced welding trainers.
We will be pleased to clarify/provide any further information if required.

AWS Certified Welding Inspector Course [ AWS-CWI ]

Course Contents :

  1. Introduction to welding concepts
  2. ASME family of standards.
  3. ASME SEC IX requirements
  4. History and development of STANDARDS
  5. Establishing the WPS,PQR,WPQ
  6. Welding Process in detail
  7. Introduction to Welding Symbols
  8. Quality system documentation
  9. Welding planning
  10. Management of WPS,PQR
  11. Practical Welding Inspection
  12. Exercises
  13. Revision, examination and feedback

Faculty : Will be an ASNT NDT Level III training in various organizations of different sector.