Code: VT L2 W (for level 2)


Visual testing of welds is regular requirement not only as self-standing NDT testing, but also it is required prior performing other NDT method. It is one of most required NDT methods.


Based on: standard ISO 17637 of on recommended practice SNT-TC-1A. Alternatively we canprovide this training course based on EN 473/ISO 9712 or on EN 4179/NAS 410 as well


Used codes: The scope of standards covered by training is specified according to client needs.Basic standards covered by training are usually: US standards (ASME Code V/9; ASME Code VIII) and set of EN and ISO standards (e.g.: EN ISO 5817; EN ISO 17637, EN ISO 6520 etc.)


What you will learn


Training covers necessary theoretical background for correct performing of tests (in relation to relevant standards). Main focus is on the surface defects’ nature and its origin (related also to basics of welding process). The correct identification of welding defects of various types of weld joints is followed by study cases evaluation. Correct setting of acceptance criterion based on standard and evaluation is in this training essential. The practical part covers also overview of weld gauges usage and possibilities.


Level II training highlights

Acceptance criterion selection Weld gauges
Defects of but welds Practical tasks
Defects of fillet welds Health Safety and Environment


About certification


The examination and certification process is directly related to qualification system. In case when the training is performed in accordance with EN 473 / ISO 9712 the certificate can be issued by independent European certification body DASH CERT.

Additional details about training and certification are related to specific needs of clients and shall be discussed individually. Please refer section “contacts” or our website