Code: MT L1 (for Level 1), MT L2 (for Level 2), MT L3 (for Level 3)


Magnetic particle testing is suitable for surface and sub-surface defect detection in ferromagnetic materials. The surface can be covered with thin layer of dielectric coating. It can be applied even on site or for serial testing.


Based on: recommended practice SNT-TC-1A. Alternatively we can provide this trainingcourse based on EN 473/ISO 9712 or on EN 4179/NAS 410 as well.


Used codes: The scope of standards covered by training is specified according to clients’needs. Basic standards covered by the training are usually: US standards (e.g. ASTM E 709, ASTM E 1444-05, ASME Code V/7) and set of EN and ISO standards (e.g. EN ISO 9931-1, 2, 3; EN ISO 17638; EN ISO 23278 etc.)


What you will learn?


Training is based on understanding the simple physical principle and on upgrading this knowledge with specific needs of magnetic particle testing. The operator shall know how to verify the proper function of the process, which assures relevant results of the testing.


The level 1 training covers theory overview in direct connection to requirements of the relevant standards. This gained knowledge will prepare operator for accurate test performance. Training for Level 2 operators covers additionally detailed overview of relevant evaluation standards. The training is accompanied by practical tasks with testing and evaluation of samples.


Level I training highlights:

Choosing the magnetization technique Viewing conditions
Determining of current intensity Overall process check
Verification of magnetic field intensity Working with standards
Detection media check Health Safety and Environment


Level II training highlights



  1. Selection of suitable equipment
  2. Application of standard requirements
  3. Deeper insight into the physics
  4. Creation of written procedure Decision about the test results Health Safety and Environment


About the certification:


The examination and certification process is directly related to qualification system. In case when the training is performed in accordance with EN 473 / ISO 9712 the certificate can be issued by independent European certification body DASH CERT.


Additional details about training and certification are related to specific needs of clients and shall be discussed individually. Please refer section “contacts” or our website