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Welding Inspection During Welding

  1. Welder is responsible for quality craftsmanship of weldments
  2. Welder meets qualification requirements
  3. Welder understands welding procedure and requirements for the work.
  4. Special training and mock-up weldments performed if required.
  5. Welder understands the inspection hold-points.
  6. Essential variables are being met during welding.
  7. Filler material, fluxes, and inert gas composition/flow rate.
  8. Purge technique, flow rate, O2 analysis, etc.
  9. Rod warmers energized or where rod warmers are not employed, the welder complies with maximum exposure times out of the electrode oven.
  10. Preheating during tack welding and tack welds removed (if required).
  11. Welding technique, weld progression, bead overlap, etc.
  12. Equipment settings such as amps, volts, and wire feed.
  13. Preheat and interpass temperatures.
  14. Travel speed (key element in heat input).
  15. Heat input (where appropriate).
  16. Mock-up weldment, if required, meets requirements with welder and welding engineer.
  17. Welder displays confidence and adheres to good welding practices.
  18. Tack welds to be incorporated in the weld are of acceptable quality.
  19. Weld root has adequate penetration and quality.
  20. Cleaning between weld passes and of any back-gouged surfaces is acceptable.
  21. Additional NDE performed between weld passes and on back-gouged surfaces shows acceptable results.
  22. In-process rework and defect removal is accomplished.
  23. In-process ferrite measurement, if required, is performed and recorded.
  24. Final weld reinforcement and fillet weld size meets work specifications and drawings.