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What Are Third Party Inspections?

We’ve all come across the term third party inspections in one way or the other. Some are well familiar with it, while others may still have a few questions in mind.
This post offers a closer look at what third party inspections involve and what companies may gain from them.

A Third Party Inspection, or TPI, is the term used for independent impartial inspection services provided by a qualified company.

There are three common types of inspections out there. First party inspections are performed by the manufacturers themselves on their own. Second party inspections are performed by the buyer or the buyers’ in-house quality team.

Third party inspections are made by an independent company, usually hired by the buyer, to ensure that all the products are up to the needed quality standard and the manufacturing process itself meets the international standards in term of quality management system (ISO 9001), social acceptable practices (SA 8000) and environmental management (ISO 14000).