Halal and Various other self certification standar

Halal and Various other self certification standar

Halal :
Halal is an Arabic word that implies admissible. A Halal Certified item means that the item is admissible or satisfactory as per Islamic law. With the goal for items to get this Certification. They should be from a worthy source, for example, a dairy animals or chicken and butchered by these laws.

Halal exchange alludes to business of HALAL guaranteed quality items which meet the globally acknowledged sanitation measures underway and cleanliness.

DASH  has strategic tie ups with different HALAL certification agencies (Indian & overseas) to provide HALAL certification services in India. These associations are distinctive ISLAMIC religious associations and they issue HALAL authentication following rules of ‘Quran’. HALAL audit is done by a ‘Mualana’ who should have proper knowledge of Quran & ISLAM.

Halal Certification Process :
So as to finish the Halal Certification process, organizations must finish a three stage process with a warning gathering. This procedure incorporates

Evaluation — explanation of company and the need for receiving Halal Certification
Inspection — onsite inspection of plant and process
Certification — once the evaluation and inspection are complete, if passed, the organization will be granted certification

Benefits of Halal Certification :
 Easy access to market of Muslim countries.
 requires well being and cleanliness too which is essential to outsider.
 Competitive advantage in export market.
 Listing of your company in worldwide directory.

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