DASHPROJECTS is the top interior design company in Dubai. In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, when completing interior design projects, we are the best among the list of interior design companies in the UAE.

DASHPROJECTS is a full-service interior design company providing luxury interior design and home decor services. Our services include interior design, architecture, landscape and fit-outs for both residential and commercial units.

Our team of esteemed interior designers and decorators has earned a reputation for transforming mundane spaces into style powerhouses. Based on years of local and international experience, we have developed a process to provide our clients with a seamless experience when designing their homes and villas.

Luxury Modern Villa interior design

The bespoke luxury modern villa design is one of the main directions of our services. We work in Contemporary, Arabic, Mediterranean, Moroccan, luxury classic and other trendy styles of 2020 year. The projects are distinguished by luxury, thoughtful solutions, beauty and harmony in our portfolio.
Our head office is based in Dubai, however, we do first-class interior designs for clients all over the world. 
Look at our latest projects of 2020 year represented below.
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Commercial interior design company in Dubai

Are you in search of a commercial interior design company in Dubai, that provides turnkey services at a high level for a reasonable amount of money?

You found what you were looking for. Spazio is one of the top commercial interior design firms in the UAE. We offer a full range of services for commercial design throughout the Arab Emirates. All types of facilities: offices, shops, hotels, beauty salons, car showrooms, restaurants, cafes, and others.

In our portfolio more than a hundred completed projects. We carry out each project with keen attention, that our clients are satisfied and come to us again and again.

Features of commercial interior design

The main goal of all firms is to attract customers and sell a wide variety of goods and services: from everyday to exotic. Today it is very difficult to name an industry in which you can work without competitors. Therefore, the key to success is the ability to stand out against all the other companies present on the market and be remembered by the buyer.

The specificity of the enterprise's activity is a fundamental criterion for its interiors. After all, a children's goods store and a jewelry salon can not be the same. It is necessary to take into account the target audience: age, gender, social status, income level of buyers and customers. When decorating premises, corporate colors and company symbols are always actively used. Also, creatively-minded designers will certainly be able to find the features that advantageously emphasize the merits of this particular store, or restaurant, or office; a nuance that will interest a passing potential customer and make him a regular customer or buyer. And it will also create a style that will help make real estate economically attractive and more liquid.

The charm of glass doors in interior design


 Glass is one of the materials that is widely used in interior design, preferred for doors, windows, and walls help to give a clear and sophisticated look.

Internal glass doors allow natural light to flow throughout the spaces in your home. Whether it is a commercial project or home refurbishment, it adds beauty and enhances the overall look of your interior design. Glass doors look elegant and are worth considering when designing your home.

The design process of residential properties can be challenging due to obstacles that designers and architects face regarding open plans. From a practical point of view, subdividing the interior with a solid wall makes the room darker and smaller. However, glass doors will help to create a more spacious ambiance yet getting more natural light.

a- Benefits of Glass Doors 

Here are some benefits of glass or glazing doors that are worth knowing:

  1. A large glass door installation enhances the aesthetic of your place.
  2. Glass doors give a chance to invite the outside world in.
  3. Glazing doors divide spaces and unite the course of space throughout the home subtly.
  4. It is an invaluable aspect for interior designers to design seamless spacers; glass doors help remove clutter, refining visual stimuli.
  5. It helps to create a link between the spaces, thus becoming a unifying visual anchor.

Glazing doors bear a hand to shift the focus of interior designers and architects from interiors to exterior design.


Below we are listing a variety of styles, continue reading to learn more about glass doors from the leading interior designers of DASHPROJECTS.

b- Type of glazing doors to add an exclusive look to interior design

You can choose the refined feel of French doors, classic or boldness of modern design of glass doors for your interiors. Discover an exclusive look from the unique ideas provided by DASHPROJECTS, the best interior design company in Dubai.

1- French Doors

You can see French doors in non-traditional interiors used to create a link between the bathroom, bedroom, or living room area. This style of door is the most popular one, adding refined touches to any decor or color schemes.


Black framed French doors or the use of classic white wood are suitable for both modern, alternative, Shabby Chic, vintage, and rustic interiors. Black frame details especially work perfectly for minimalist home designs.

2- Contemporary Glazing Doors for Interiors

Contemporary glazing doors carry a special touch. General characteristics of this type of door allow you to add an inviting glance to your room. Warm colors and double glass door features are great additions to any home.


3- Retro

The retro look that glazing doors give, helps to bring an edgy feel to any minimal or simple interior style. Its authenticity helps to promote a sense of freedom.


4- Modern Design Glass Doors

A modern glass door is a perfect match for any interior style. Modern designs blend smoothly, boosting simplicity and sophistication.


5- Fused Glass Doors

Fused glass doors are beautiful, durable, colorful, and unique. Fused glass doors are molded at high temperatures by pouring flat glass in a controlled manner.

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