Dash Projects is a specialist organization which spearheads various services to the oil and gas industries, petrochemical plants and other energy sectors. We undertake Steel Fabrication, Piping, pressure Vessels and Skid Packages, Constructional and Engineering Contracting related to Technology Projects – Final Handover, sponsorship and representation of overseas companies.

Our services assist our clients and partners in attaining their objectives effectively and efficiently. We have, over the years, evolved our business on the total satisfaction of our benefactors, clients and associates through focused delivery systems led by the strong leadership of professionals and assisted by a team of hardworking members who are our strength and support.

Our aim is to be a leading company in our core activities, building businesses around the Middle East, prompting high standards of professionalism. Our services are carried out with highest standards of performance ensuring, quality, reliability and most importantly, customer satisfaction.


Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation of Structural Steel, Piping, Pressure Vessels & Skid Packages.

Constructional & Engineering Contracting Related to Technology Projects – Final Handover.
Technical Support to the Oil, Gas and Energy Sectors.
Representation and Sponsorship of Overseas Companies providing services to the Oil and Gas/Energy Sectors.


Fabrication and Assembly of all Types of Skid Packages and Modules including:

  • Separators Skids & other Skidded Equipment
  • Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids
  • Filtration Skids
  • Gas Refrigeration Modules
  • Gas Dehydration Modules
  • Gas Sweetening Modules
  • Desalination Plant Modules
  • Pipe Rack Modules

Our expertise includes :

  • Availability of Water Front Yard to undertake fabrication & Assembly of Very large equipment’s / Modules
  • Capability to undertake Electrical & Instrumentation
  • Capability to undertake Insulation & Cladding
  • Good project management team
  • Largest single module fabrication & Assembly undertaken till date is - Single Module of 2750 Tons

The complete package includes Pressure Vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Tanks etc. assembled onto a Skid / Module with all the necessary Piping, Valves, Pumps etc.

Our scope includes :

  • Design & Detailed Engineering
  • Preparation of Fabrication Drawings of all equipment’s and Skid Frame, Isometric drawings for Piping etc
  • Procurement of Materials
  • Fabrication of Pressure Vessels, Columns, Tanks, Heat Exchangers and Piping Spools
  • Post Weld heat treatment (If required)
  • Hydro test, All other Non Destructive Tests, “U” Stamping (if required)
  • Complete Fabrication of Structural frames, Ladders, Handrail, Platforms, Piping & E&I Supports
  • Painting as per project Specification
  • Mounting of all equipments on the frame, complete all interconnecting piping
  • Installation of Valves, Pumps, Electrical & Instrumentation etc, Final Assembly & Testing
  • Insulation and Cladding (If required)
  • Complete QA/QC Documentation and as-built drawings

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DASHPROJECTS Skids The ready-to-operate solution for specific tasks. Do you need a turnkey pump skid or chemical injection skid? Look no further than DASHPROJECTS We offer a comprehensive
OUR SERVICES     Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation of Structural Steel, Piping, Pressure Vessels & Skid Packages.Constructional & Engineering
Include all types of Pressure Vessels and Reactors including those with ASME “U / U2” Stamp Certification, in Horizontal / Vertical Design. Our expertise includes : Plasma Cutting
We can supply the following types of Heat Exchangers in Horizontal / Vertical design : SHELL & TUBE COAXIAL TUBES FLOATING HEAD TUBE SHEET FIXED TUBE SHEETS KETTLE TYPE RE-BOILER U-
Our expertise include : Shop Fabricated Tanks : All Types Flat bottom / Sloping Bottom with Conical Roof / Flat Roof Silos & Hoppers Rectangular Tanks Our scope includes : Design
Our expertise includes : In house semi-automatic pipe Spool Fabrication Line capable of producing 1000 Inch Dia. / Day (of average 6 Inch size) Large Area available for storing of Raw materials
As a mechanical contractor for Large Diameter Tanks our expertise includes : Fixed Conical Roof Fixed Aluminum Dome with Internal Floating Roof (IFR) External Floating Roof Our scope
Offshore Structures include: Piles Jackets Decks Flare Trestles Bridges Top Sides Pipe Racks Offshore Process Platform Auxiliary Structures Our scope includes : Detailed
Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement of Material, Fabrication, Testing, Supply of the following : Jackets & Piles Decks Flare Trestles Bridges Top Sides Pipe Racks Modules Process
Design, Detailed Engineering Procurement of Materials, Fabrication, Supply, Erection at Site and Testing of Large Diameter Tanks with External Floating Roofs Internal Floating Deck with
The Mechanical Piping work includes the following: Spool Fabrication & erection at Site, Including fabrication of Pipe Supports / Racks, erection of Pumps, Valves etc. generally for Heavy
The civil works include the following: Field survey. General excavations, backfilling and site preparation works, including compaction,testing, shoring and dewatering. Execution of all civil
The Electrical works include the followings: Medium voltage switchgear. Power transformers. Emergency power switchgears. Medium voltage distribution feeders. 400V low voltage switchboard.
The Instrumentation and Control works include the followings: Products Distribution MOV Control System. Fire Detection and Alarm System. Firefighting Water and Foam Deluge Valves Control
The Firefighting works include the followings: Firewater storage tanks Firefighting Pumping equipment Water distribution system Foam distribution system Mobile and Fixed Firefighting
The Heating System works include the followings: Two thermal fluid boilers complete with two fuel burners (using LPG fuel for start-up and preheating and Heavy Fuel Oil for normal operation).
The Waste Water Collection System works include the followings: HFO slop tank with external heat tracing and Insulation. Light Products slop tank. Slop pumps. HFO slop piping system. Light
The Pump Installation works include the followings: Heavy Products Screw pumps Light Products Centrifugal pumps Off spec Products Centrifugal pumps Grouting of pump pockets and base frame
The Jetty Piping works include the followings: HFO Products pipelines with skin effect heat tracing, PUR coating and HDPE wrapping for buried piping. HFO Products pipelines with skin effect
Maintenance and service In addition to our first-class products, we offer a first-class maintenance and repair service which is done by our experienced in-house employees. We check your
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DASHPROJECTS pumps have an extremely long life. Therefore, you can easily rely on a DASHPROJECTS 2ndmarket pump for short-term tasks. The high DASHPROJECTS quality is still guaranteed.
Orange showroom – augmented reality app displays 3D pump models. Illustrating processes in an understandable way, explaining them and experiencing them up close: DASHPROJECTS has
The MWP is a revolutionary turnkey solution provided by DASHPROJECTS enabling the operator to adopt a standardized approach to wellsite surface completion. MWP units can be built for
The Chemical Injection Package serves the purpose of injecting a precise and accurate amount of chemicals into a system with the required back pressure, either continuously or
DASHPROJECTS is a pioneer with a proven track record in engineering, manufacturing and commissioning of Single-Well, Multi-Well, Integrated RTU/PLC-based, SOLAR-powered Wellhead Control
The High Integrity Protection System designed by Petronash is integrated onto the process package to prevent over-pressurization of the flow line . The HIPS will shut off the
Pressure surge can occur in Pipelines resulting in higher pressure, causing severe damages and ruptures to the installation. Events that causes pressure surge typically occurs
Engineered Lube Oil system provides pressurized lubrication and protection to various types of industrial rotating equipment such as turbines, compressors, high pressure