DASH provides top-of-the-line structural steel fabrication services. DASHTRADING works with the best designers and engineers to ensure that all projects meet high standards of excellence and to provide excellent service. Our state-of-art steel fabrication facility is equipped with the latest technology of CNC Machines in Steel Structure Fabrication.

We can take on any heavy-industrial, infrastructure or commercial projects, ranging in scale and complexity. Our projects have included steel framing for the following structures:

  • Oil & Gas fields
  • Pipe Racks & Platforms
  • Aluminium Refineries & Smelters
  • Petro-Chemical Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Steel Rolling Mills
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hi-Rise Towers
  • Schools
  • Hospitality Buildings
  • Depots & Yards
  • Airports & Hangers
  • Seaports
  • Etc...

Each successful project must start with a thought-out structure, a qualified team, and advanced technological input. DASHTRADING aims to exceed the expectation of our customers. So, you can expect more from us. We will take your project from design, drafting, 3D modelling, and engineering to fabrication, assembly, and installation.



Structural and Steel Products, Inc. headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, manufactures and distributes products used in the highway construction end-market, including overhead sign structures, guardrails, crash cushions, lighting poles and bridge decking. In addition, we manufacture tubular structures used in the communication and power transmission industries. Our customers are primarily located in the Sun Belt region of the United States. We believe to succeed we must continue to listen to our customers and respond to their needs. We maintain that reacting to change is essential to the success of our customers and consequently, to our viability as a supplier. Finally, we strive to make doing business with us as pleasant and effortless as possible.

steel fabrication and steel products, fort worth, texas

Notable Projects

We are known for our expertise, experience and dedication that we bring to our high-profile Notable Projects. No steel fabrication or manufacturing job is too large or small. We love a challenge! Give us a chance to quote on your next project! Click for more information.


big hoss video screen structure texas motor speedway

Specialty Fabrication

Structural & Steel Products is a specialty and outsource steel fabricator for a wide variety of finished goods and components for the communication, energy, transportation, and construction industries.


Signal Intersection Traffic Poles Lighting Structures Fixtures

Traffic & Lighting Structures

Traffic Signal Structures, Roadway Illumination, High Mast Poles, Lowering Devices, Camera (ITS) Poles, Decorative Poles, Fixtures and Underpass Lighting



South Entrance DFW Airport Crash Guards Toll Booths

Highway Safety Products

Crash Cushions, Guardrails, Glare Screens, Delineators and Flexible Delineator Posts, Truck-Mounted Attenuators, Barrier Gates, Portable Steel Barriers, Large and Small Sign Structures



Structural and Steel Products In-House Fabrication Capailities

Structural Towers

Transmission Structures
and Cell Towers



Overhead Structures

Overhead Sign Structures for Highways, Intersections, Toll Road Gantries, Roadside Sign Structures



sports-lighting-roadside-high mast poles -lowering-devices-fabrication

Stratus Products

Lowering Device Systems, High Mast Poles, Sports Lighting Products, Light Fixtures


Industrial Structures and Buildings.

Its design capacity, its substantial resources, its considerable output, its commitment to service makeDASHPROJECTS a choice supplier for large industrial and infrastructure projects. The plant has some of the largest machinery units in the Middle East for manufacturing heavy members, for instance in automatic submerged welding and capability in cutting and drilling under computerized numeric control (CNC).

The engineering, planning, manufacturing and delivery ofDASHPROJECTS all are large enough as well as suitably flexible to undertake major projects in an effective and competitive manner.DASHPROJECTS has an established track in power plants, petrochemicals and large industrial plants.

Pipe rack: Supporting structure for Petroleum Gas Pipe line.

Pipe rack: Supporting structure for Petroleum Oil Pipe line.

Gas Turbine House: industrial Building for housing Gas turbine station

Emergency Egress stairs

Industrial Ladders with safety guarded

Industrial stairs with handrails.

DASHPROJECTS can engineer any kind of stairs to meet the project requirement

Truss member

Complex Bracing wall and floor members

Column, Beam & Bracing connection

As structural steel manufacturer,DASHPROJECTS can engineer and manufacture any complex structures and buildings. Tekla structure software has been employed for modeling and generating shop drawing for all complex structures.

High rise and Low rise Buildings

High and Low rise buildings are usually city block commercial developments. The architectural and aesthetic requirements will control interior and exterior column spacing and therefore grid (bay) size.

Building framing consists of either two way rigid frame, in a one-way rigid and one-way braced frame or Two way braced frame. The floor deck consists in either:

  • a low depth non-composite profiled steel deck supported by joints, beams and intermediate support column, or
  • a composite profiled steel deck supported as above, or
  • a pre-cast concrete plank, whether hollow core, solid or pre-slab resting on the joists / beams.

The beams will be typically fitted with stubs to ensure composite action along their axis.

Multi-storey structures can be sub-divided into:

  • 1. Fully steel framed structures with rigid frame or braced frame systems
  • 2. Beam and column steel frames connected to reinforced concrete core or shear wall.

Commercial Building: Low rise building.
No of Floors : B + G + 4 + P
Building Size : 34.6m x 40.2m

Office Tower in Bahrain A high rise building. No of Floors : 19+ 4 floors
Height : 90m
Size : 23m x 31m

Steel Deck Slab

The floor system consists of concrete supported on steel decking sheet which is resting on composite or non-composite joist and beams. For composite joist and beams shear stud connectors can be field welded through decking or shop welded with decking pre- punched.

The steel beams have the flexibility to allow penetrations within the web depth to allow services to pass through by providing web openings


DASHPROJECTS insulated wall system is a unique product offered by DASHPROJECTS. This is a pre-fabricated and pre-assembled wall panels replacing conventional block wall. The elements inDASHPROJECTS insulated wall systems are cold form and hence it is a light weight wall. It is easier and faster to erect with less man power and hence it is a cost effective solution.


Special Steel Structure.

DASHPROJECTS is capable of handing special type structures with complex shape by nature. For instant, Crown structure of a high rise towers, international airport terminal buildings are unique in design and appearance. To meet the uniqueness, steel structure will be designed and modeled with consideration of architectural needs and design code guidance.

Airport Terminal Building


Special Crown structure for Kuwait Tower @ 218m

Typical Floor plan of Kuwait Tower

Pre-Engineered Steel Building Steel Structures (DASHPROJECTSS)

The PEB Steel Structure of a Pre-Engineered Steel Building generally accounts for over 80% of the weight of the Pre-Engineered Steel Building. This 80% is an average and may change plus or minus 10% depending on the presence of mezzanines, crane runway beams, type of Panels used and the amount of building accessories that are included in a building. The unit of measure for PEB Steel Structures is metric ton (MT). As a general average, one square meter (1 m²) of PEB Steel Structure weighs 25 kg. Thus one MT of PEB Steel Structure = 40 (1000/25) m² of building foot print. The PEB Steel Structure is made up of frames, secondary members and steel standard buyouts.

Frames in the PEB industry often refer to primary built-up & hot rolled members. Constant depth or tapered depth built-up members generally account for over 90% of the weight of frames while hot rolled members generally account for the remaining 10%.

Secondary Members in the PEB industry refer mostly to longitudinal roof and wall members that are roll formed from galvanized coils or press broken from narrow galvanized sheets. The raw material of these members is stocked in five thickness: 1.5, 1.75, 2.2, 2.25 and 2.5mm.

The following building components are considered secondary members:

  • Z" sections acting as longitudinal roof purlins and longitudinal wall girts that connect to columns & rafters and support exterior roof and wall panels.
  • Eave struts located at the building eaves (corner of roof and wall sheeting along sidewalls also providing bracing for frames and supporting roof and wall panels.
  • "C" sections used primarily in framed openings and as a transition member between partial block walls and wall panels.
  • Mezzanine Deck (0.7mm thick) used to support concrete slabs in second level flooring.
  • Base angles, gable angles, and mezzanine edge angles.
  • Valley gutters (0.9mm thick) in Multi Gable Buildings.

  • Steel Standard Buyouts (SBO): These are items that are required in almost every PEB Steel Structure. They are manufactured by others and stocked by the PEB manufacturer. They include Anchor Bolts, Connection Bolts, Sag Rods and Cable Bracing Components.


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DASHPROJECTS provides top-of-the-line structural steel fabrication services. DASHPROJECTS works with the best designers and engineers to ensure that all projects meet high standards of excellence and
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With both extensive knowledge and experience in heavy steel fabrication, DASH Engineering can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Having worked in an extensive