Offshore Items

Offshore Items

Dash trading  . is a leading provider of downhole drilling tools to the international land and offshore markets  and as  a leader of high-quality downhole equipment provides a full range of drilling tools and accessories including:


Stabilizers:   Dash trading    offers   a   wide  variety  of  stabilizers including Welded blade, Integral blade and Sleeve type in both

4145 heat-treated steel  and  non-magnetic  metal. Designed to   control   deviation  and   increase   penetration,   Dash trading ’s stabilizers are economical, provide versatility for various BHA configurations and reduce overall drilling costs.

Roller   Reamers:    Dash trading     Roller   Reamers    are   rugged tools  developed   for  a  wide  range   of  drilling applications. Dash trading manufactures Roller Reamers  in 3 Point and 6 Point configurations

They can drill in any formation, whether soft, medium, hard or smooth types and maintain hole gauge when drilling straight or directional wells. Dash trading Roller Reamers make the difference downhole  when  used  to maintain hole gauge,  wipe out key seats  and smooth out rough and troublesome ledges which will cause  the drill stem to stick and bind. It’s tested  design allows for maximum wellbore protection while decreasing  torque and drag.

Welded blade steel  stabilizers ; Integral blade steel  stabilizers Welded blade  non-magnetic  stabilizers Integral blade  non- magnetic  stabilizers ;  Sleeve type stabilizers   ;  Non-magnetic drill collars  Non- Magnetic  Flex   Collars  Slick and  spiral steel  drill collars ;  Roller reamers  ;  Pup  joints  Integral Pup Joints  Rotary Subs  Crossover Subs  Lift Subs Saver Subs

Kelly Saver Subs   Circulating Subs  Top  Drive Subs   Side Entry Subs  Double Side Entry Subs  Lift Plugs  Cast Lifting Bails  Pressed Steel Thread Protectors Composite Heavy Duty Plastic


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DASH   offers   a   wide  variety  of  stabilizers including Welded blade, Integral blade and Sleeve type in both 4145 heat-treated steel  and
DASH   Roller   Reamers    are   rugged tools  developed   for  a  wide  range   of  drilling applications.
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