Financial Trading

Financial Trading


DASH INVESTMENT: A Private banking  


We are an international institution with over twenty -five years of cumulative experience in the investment advisory industry.

We cater to a diversified group of investors encompassing a diverse range of backgrounds, industries, and investment requirements.

The innovative nature of our products allows them to be tailored to fit the specific needs of investors – whether they are individual or institutional – in a manner which allows them to meet their return expectations while ensuring their capital is preserved.

We advice both individual and institutional investors. Over the last decade, our advisory performance has been significantly ahead of market return.





Our institutional clients can take advantage of several investment opportunities which allow them to establish fixed cash flow dates and secured principals. Our advisors have considerable experience in a wide field of industries including investments, banking, real estate, development and consulting among others. This enables them to anticipate the needs of institutional investors regardless of the industry within which they operate and to provide with solutions that satisfy these needs.


We help companies become stronger, grow faster, and ensure they are well-positioned for sustainable long-term growth.


We help individuals from every walk of life prepare and plan for their needs and provide them with investment solutions which help them to not only preserve their capital but to grow it substantially. From experienced investors looking to diversify their portfolios to new investors looking to begin their journey towards a future of independence, we provide personalized solutions which allow them to achieve all of their investment objectives.


We help clients set up college funds, plan for their retirement, make their mortgage payments and everything in between.


We allow our investors to preserve their capital while accumulating wealth in a manner which provides them peace of mind and security.

We are distinguished by the integrity of our offering, our excellent partner relations and our individualized client treatment. We see our investors as our partners in a better tomorrow and help them achieve their investment goals and enjoy a more prosperous future.


Programee Highlights 

1) Locking period 1 year to 4 years

2) Guaranteed return 12%.

3) Paid quarterly monthly or yearly as per agreement.

4) Peace of mind and complete security with advance money guarantee by cheques and agreement.

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Dash  team and partners  has vast experience in Cryto Traiding and Mining .    Futuristic, Exciting, Technology-driven Over the last decade, our ability to identify