Controls & Power Distribution

Controls & Power Distribution



AC/DC Motors (New/Used), Repair, Testing Services, Low Voltage Motors, bug blowers & Mud Pumps. AmeriMex Motor & Controls, LLC. is located in Houston, Texas, and specializes in new and remanufactured AC and DC motors and controls for drilling, dredging, petrochemical, cement, plastic, steel and general
industry. AmeriMex’s equipment is designed to meet the power needs of any industry. AmeriMex also maintains a large stock of replacement parts and accessories to keep your existing electric equipment running.

Dellner Breaks and Clutches Gummi USA


GUMMI® based in Houston, is a major manufacturer Clutch Assemblies to the drilling industry, plus Pneumatic clutches & brakes. Gummi produces six styles of couplings, including flexible, gear and hydraulic types, six drum clutch/brake configurations in both constricting and expanding types, non- asbestos friction material for a wide variety of oil & gas applications, and various sizes and styles of rotary unions and quick release valves. The Gummi type FK element is well suited as a clutch or brake in a wide variety of high-speed, low to medium torque applications where high heat generation is not a factor. The type FK elements are available in 18 sizes, in single, dual, and split configurations.

In addition to genuine Gummi products, they also manufacture assemblies and replacement and component parts that are 100% interchangeable and designed to fit Eaton Airflex® style CB, VC, CM, EB, ER, units and National Oilwell® style Dy-aflex units.

DASHTRADING maintains an inventory of Gummi clutches in standard sizes at our facility in Jebel Ali (Dubai).



Marathon Electric has been recognized for engineering excellence and production of explosion proof motors for over 50 years. Blue Chip® – Severe Duty explosion proof motors incorporates all cast iron construction with a 1.15 service factor for use on fans, blowers, pumps, and compressors that require an explosion proof rating.

DASHTRADING carries a significant inventory of Explosion Proof Blue Chip® Marathon Severe Duty electric motors ranging from 5HP to 100HP that meets UL frame temperature limit code T3B/T3C (55degC desert ambient). DASHTRADING has many years’ experience in supplying complete pump packages which utilizes the high quality and reliability of the Marathon motor as its power house.



As an agent of Burton Controls, we supply OEM and custom built Top Drive Service Loops to oil & drilling industry. Burton Controls can assist you with the specifics of most top drive brands, and even help you make improvements that will prolong the life of your loops.

A significant inventory of Service Loops for TDS-10 & TDS- 11 Top Drives are kept in our facility in Jebel Ali (Dubai) to service the region.

DASH   offers   a   wide  variety  of  stabilizers including Welded blade, Integral blade and Sleeve type in both 4145 heat-treated steel  and
DASH   Roller   Reamers    are   rugged tools  developed   for  a  wide  range   of  drilling applications.
Top-Co   Top-Co (a Rubicon Product Brand) is a primary player in the cementing and casing accessories sector. Top-Co’s product offering includes a full range of
LOGAN OIL TOOLS   Logan Oil Tools manufactures a complete product line of quality fishing tools, power swivels, and related products to meet the needs of both the drilling and
MCM/O’Drill   O’Drill / MCM Pump and Valve Co. is a major oilfield manufacturing company located in Houston, Texas. MCM manufactures a full line of centrifugal pumps, Pump
RUSSELL OILFIELD EQUIPMENT COMPANY   DASHTRADING International offers a full range of aftermarket drilling equipment spare parts from RUSSELL OILFIELD based in Houston. Russell
One of the region’s largest stockist of Oil Field Equipment from some of the world’s most well known brands. DASHTRADING carries a comprehensive stock of new equipment for immediate
 PRODUCTS   DASH TRADING , manufacture a full line of valve lubricants, sealants, packing, drilling compound, tubing, rig wash and casing thread compounds. In addition to
 Energy Services   Established in 2014 DASH PROJECTS has emerged as a leading service and lighting equipmentprovider, committed to products and service that promote a safe,
Woodhouse International remains one of the region’s leading fluid end parts suppliers. A position we have held since the mideighties. Many brand names have been lost through acquisition &
Oilfield Equipment Supply Our strength has always been through a strict focus on drilling equipment only. Whilst for specific projects we can offer allencompassing contractual

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