Product Certification (Through Factory Assessment)

GR has accreditation for product certification empowering it to evaluate test reports and production systems to BS/IEC/EN standards as a third party.

GR assessor's has experience in numerous fields to evaluate the test reports and to assess the production system. Currently we are doing in almost all electronics/electrical/construction products /machineries.

GR covers different types of standards for this service. Please contact us to know whether your product can be certified against IEC/EN standards or not by GR.

Factory developed qualification protocols from GR ensure:
Compliance with standards within your industry
Execution by factory trained technicians
Reduced risk of non-compliance during audits
Lower cost of compliance than other solutions
Equipment ready-for-use when you need it
Acceptance tests for Retail customers that your product is ready to be installed in the store with connectivity to all critical business systems

Product & CE Certification
European Union is currently a political and economic organization consisting of 28 member states with a total population of more than 500 million. One of the four basic freedoms granted by this union is the free movement of goods.

CE Marking signifies that the products meet all the requirements of the EU technical regulations and can be circulated among the member states of the EU without facing any technical barriers.

What is CE certificate?
We see capital letters CE on many products in free movement in the European Economic Area. This marking, meaning Conformity with Europe, demonstrate that the products have been audited/assessed in terms of minimum safety, health and environmental requirements. You would see CE marking on a new telephone, food processor, TV set or crayons purchased in the European Community. CE marking also indicates fair competition among manufacturers as it enforces accountability and conformity with the same requirements.

Product Certification
The world can’t continue without the help of each other. We are related with different global affirmation bodies who give different Product confirmations like CE mark, ISI mark, Rohs, FCC and some more.

Regardless of whether you configuration, assembling or import modern merchandise, you have to guarantee that your items meet a wide scope of stringent universal and local mandates and guidelines.

Product Certification administrations guarantee that your items are in consistence with the nations that you need to work in.

We offer unmatched experience and ability in item affirmation. our extraordinary worldwide partners have accreditation’s to every real standard and provincial guidelines. Thus, we offer you far reaching item accreditation for a wide scope of items, including cranes and lifting hardware, lifts and lifts, electrical establishments and weight gear – everywhere throughout the world.

Popular Product Certifications :
CE Mark
ISO 8124 Certification

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FCC (Federal Communications Commission) FCC represents Federal Communications Commission. It is an accreditation imprint utilized on the electronic items fabricated or sold in the United States. It
Product & CE Certification European Union is currently a political and economic organization consisting of 28 member states with a total population of more than 500 million. One of the four
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) RoHS Certification represents Restriction of Hazardous Substances. RoHS, otherwise called Directive 2002/95/EC, started in the European Union and limits
ISO 8124:2018 Certification ISO 8124:2018 apply to all toys, for example any item or material structured or unmistakably expected for use in play by kids less than 14 years old. They are relevant to