ISO 21500

ISO 21500

About ISO 21500-Guidance on Project Management


ISO 21500:2012 is based on PMBOK framework. The project management processes group covers the 5 stages of the project lifecycle: Initiating, Planning, Implementing, Controlling and Closing.


ISO 21500:2012 provides guidance for project management and can be used by any type of organization, including public, private or community organizations, and for any type of project, irrespective of complexity, size or duration.


ISO 21500 provides high-level description of concepts and processes that are considered to form good practice in project management.


The standard is intended to:

  • Take account of latest developments in International Project Management;
  • the best that we all have to offer;
  • Address most projects most of the time;
  • Not nullify or negate existing standards;
  • Identify potential future standards;
  • Flexible enough to support differences;
  • Process oriented: "What", not "How"




Main Highlights


ISO 21500 defines a project as “a unique set of processes consisting of coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish dates, undertaken to achieve an objective”.


All ISO 21500 management standard covered: Integration, Stakeholder, Resource, Scope, Time, Cost, Risk, Quality, Procurement and Communication.


The ISO 21500 will provide a better understanding on the best principles and practices of the project management to facilitate on providing an appropriate support and guidance to the project managers and project team members. The organization can have a common base of comparison on their project standards and practices to maintain and elevate the competitiveness.




Brief about the ISO standard


Adapted from the ISO standard: ISO 215000:2012


The ISO 21500 is the recognition of a profession that has been developed within the last four decades. It concentrates, into nearly 40 pages, all the knowledge that can be accepted as standard on project management.


It is been accurately developed by the international community with volunteers from more than 40 countries, with no commercial intention. ISO 21500 is the umbrella over all the rest of the project management bodies of knowledge and methods. It is important because in a globalized world, where anyone can be asked to lead a project in any location, one needs to apply the worldwide accepted International Standard project management framework.


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