Product trading : Diesel ,bitumen ,CHEMICALS

Product trading : Diesel ,bitumen ,CHEMICALS

We are a Dubai based company dealing in
industrail oils such as Bitumen, sulfur
mix hydrocarbon, white oil, spindle oil,
kerosene oil,waxes base oils of all kind
RPO, fuel/furnace oil etc

DASH TRADING  Group are wholesale fuel suppliers which source crude oil and commercial petroleum products for customers around the world.

Since there is a critical requirement of finding reliable petroleum products suppliers, DASH TRADING Group with a decade experience of business relationship with bulk fuel suppliers, can play role of a business partnership for supplying different types of fuels such as crude oil, condensate, diesel fuels, petcoke and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Our procedure for supplying oil products is simple but strict. For starting negotiation we should receive buyer’s official request by Request For Product form or LOI in details plus company profile or official website info.

man filling up fuel of aeroplane
large tanks with pipe work
group of men in overalls and helps looking at pipework

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