Civil infrastructure

Civil infrastructure



(Dash Projects ) Infrastructure Division has been operating in the region since 2012, in these 6 years the division has added significant strength to the company’s operation and value of return. This is the result of the strong financial and technical support received from Clients 

The division is operating under the umbrella of Dash Projects vision and mission and the infrastructure scope of works have been ISO and OHSAS certified in 2008 to ensure the systematic control, quality measure and continual improvement of the operation.

The division has been involved in delivering key projects in the UAE in various emirates worth a total of AED 800 Million, such as the Improvement of Parallel Road in the emirate of Dubai and the Construction of Outer Bypass Extension in the emirate of Umm Al Quwain.

The Infrastructure Division is unique with its recognized strength in the number of equipments owned by the company, which enables the division to bid and deliver projects to potential clients’ projects with very competitive price.

The Division’s Leadership ensures that a very high calibre of staff are engaged in different processes (i.e. Tendering, Design, Technical, Construction etc…) of the construction cycle, hence being able to deliver a high end product to the Client and the community.
Currently there are two mega projects that has commence and ongoing:

  • R 902/1 Improvements of Emirates Road Stage 2/ Phase 1″ is expected to be completed by January 2013.
  • Construction, Completion and Maintenance of South Shamka Infrastructure (LOT-3), Abu Dhabi” is expected to be completed by August 2014.

The Infrastructure Division during its short operational period in UAE has proven its capability in delivering mega projects with a good standard in terms of Progress, HSE, Quality and Cost and succeeded to deliver projects in various contractual arrangements.

The Infrastructure Division has a strong potential to expand in the region due to its enormous performance in the past six years and with the wise support from its Leadership. The division past and ongoing projects have been focused on Roads and Bridges construction, but currently there is a strong focus on various sectors such as the rail projects as this type of projects is new to the region and China State Global have a proven record of experience in delivering mega rail projects in China as well as Internationally.

DASHPROJECTS provides top-of-the-line structural steel fabrication services. DASHPROJECTS works with the best designers and engineers to ensure that all projects meet high standards of excellence and
The components of a Pre-engineered building (PEB) are manufactured at our plant according to the carefully engineered design, drawn as per the client’s specific project requirements. This
Cladding DASH is one of the largest manufacturers of cold-rolled steel frame structures in the Middle East. We offer a wide range of panels and profiles to suit the industrial and commercial needs
The engineering section employs a team of design and detailing engineers equipped with the latest and most advanced software for both disciplines. All works are closely monitored to ensure that it
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Pre-engineered buildings are defined by the following geometrical parameters: Building width, Length, Eave height, Roof slope, Sidewall bay spacing, end wall bay spacing and main frame module space.
Mezzanine A mezzanine is an elevated floor for use as office or store area. The mezzanine framing is connected to main frame and intermediate columns for support. The mezzanine framing consists of
Dash Projects offers profile to suit structural, architectural, thermal lighting and corrosive circumstances. Structural constraints are satisfied by the range of corrugation spacing, thickness and
Dash Projects also offers steel deck for steel buildings or mezzanines to suit structural specifications. There are two profiles available in Dash Projects production line; they are Dash Projects
Dash Projects offers fabrication and supply of crane bridge girders for over head cranes. Most girders are from plate formed box section. Dash Projects plant is well equipped with advance fabrication
DASH Projects is capable of designing all kind of high complex steel structures such as high rise buildings, airport terminal buildings and industrial structures for process, petroleum and power
DASH  has developed an excellent reputation and strong presence as one of the regional’s premier steel fabricator and erector. Our research and development team are striving to deliver
BUILDING     General  Contracting In normal traditional engagement for project deliverables in the construction industry where the Owner engages the Designer and Contractor
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The unit of measure of hot rolled structures (structural steel) is the metric ton (MT). Hot Rolled Steel Structures applications include Multi Storey low rise buildings, equipment supporting
Building Accessories and special buyouts (SBO’s)include sliding doors, rollup doors, personnel doors, fiberglass insulation, sandtrap louvers, windows, ridges ventilators. Some are
Dash Trading  has  erection team is comprises of highly qualified and well trained site engineers and safety officers. The team has completed more than 500 projects in the GCC, Meddle &
Mabani state of the art blasting, painting & material handling system produce the highest quality with most enduring coating finish. Mabani has the most advanced and precise surface preparation
 Described in few words, pre-engineered buildings are ideal for any non-residential low-rise building. Applications of pre-engineered buildings are numerous. Browse through our
World-class industrial performance requires a partnered supply chain of world-class vendors. To compete and win in markets with spiraling product performance, shrinking product life
With both extensive knowledge and experience in heavy steel fabrication, DASH Engineering can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Having worked in an extensive

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